Two rare endangered Amur Leopard Cubs born at Twycross Zoo

Well, there is some news that is always welcome and this is especially so, as the Amur Leopard is a critically endangered species with only about 70 in Russia and China. This is why I was inspired to create an Amur cub in one of my animal oil paintings.

There are around 200 leopards in zoos around the world, but this news is great as it could herald the long-term survival of this species. These animals are hunted for their furs as well as suffering a loss of their natural habitat.

The mum, Kristen and father, Davidoff, are now proud parents to a second pair of cubs. We must all salute the great work being done by Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire to maintain numbers of this species and others, in the conservation of endangered animal species.

Please click here for an ITV news story report, which includes some great footage of the new cubs.


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