The Inequality of Love

Love is a complicated and special emotion which many of us find difficult to really understand. While the majority people tend to believe that it is something that revolves around the heart, the truth is that love actually happens in your brain. The creativity displayed by poets, painters, and artists, all epitomize the human heart as the symbol of love, although it’s actually the brain that is responsible for generating chemical signals that trigger love. This article discusses why there can be such variations in those feelings of love.


The Inequality of Love by Elle Blog Inspired By Elle Creative Blog Elle Smith

"The path from love to hate..."

"The path from love to hate..."

How To Compile The Best Bucket List for 2016

Every year at this time people reflect on the year in closing, with plans to improve their life in the coming year. Many compile a Bucket List of things that they wish to do. However, I have found that whenever I compile a list of actual things then they never pan out exactly as I wish. I guess that is the danger of raising expectations. There are many places and pursuits that I would like to encounter and experience. However, I wondered whether the detail was where I was going wrong, and if I planned loosely whether I would achieve all of those wishes.

Ultimately, I would like my Bucket List to inspire enjoyment and fulfilment in my life, so I have compiled goals rather than events. I want to look back next December and realize that I achieved, so here we go ..

Do you have the 'time" to reflect about how you use your "time"?

Do You Have Fond Memories of the "First Time"?

Do You Have Fond Memories of the "First Time"?

First time experiences offer priceless memories, which often shape the person you are and guide you through life. Reflection of these situations allows us to improve our behaviours in the future, and affords us the opportunity to share with others for mutual benefit.

Often these memories can inspire us at times of low mood, or where our life takes an intersection; giving us the knowledge of how to manage difficulties or emotional changes. The sharing of these experiences is a brilliant learning tool for children and peers as they navigate their own lives.

A lesson in Humility :)

Poem - "Four Walls"

POEM – The Conflict Tree

The Conflict Tree  Differences are actually interesting. they mean we are unique. Each one of us is special, in a multitude of ways. A rich man may own a Rolls Royce, a poor man just a Ford; but that doesn’t pose a problem, as out there it’s a great big world. These differences can make […]

What is the True Worth of Money?

This article gives pause for thought about climbing the career ladder :)

POETRY – A Smile

London poet Elle Smith produces a modern, contemporary poem in "A Smile' which will light up your world and cause a thousand actions to flow from those around you. Smiles can literally light up the world, and poetry provides the perfect medium to ignite this action:

contemporary poem a smile by London poet Elle Smith 

Poem – If Tomorrow..

This contemporary poem by Elle Smith talks of If Tomorrow and ponders of all the things that you would want to say to the love of your life should something happen tomorrow:

“Blurred Lines”

What does that mean to you? Do you have blurred lines in your life? Enjoy!