How To Select the Best Silk Scarf for You



How to Select the Best Silk Scarf for You by Elle Smith


We’re all in the mood for Autumn 2019. The styles that are trendy have versatility and warm aesthetics. What’s even more exciting are the bold accessories that have fast emerged as this season’s must-haves. Scarves are the finishing touch to any ensemble and the cure for fast ready-to-wear accessorizing. There is no wrong way to wear a scarf. Not only do they vary in shapes and lengths, but also in style. The endless possibilities can be outlined as followed. Let’s begin with your selection.


Does luxury offer better quality?


Before we answer this, consider these factors; high-end fashion brands like Coach, Dior, and Gucci place their iconic logo’s on scarves as a fun-accent for bags, and even to wear. Due to the versatility of high-quality scarves, it’s necessary for the textiles to be durable. Soft silk, chiffon, cashmere, and cotton work well for layer styling due to their delicate weights. Layering and accenting works well with quality scarves too. Indeed, luxury offers exceptional pieces but doesn’t necessarily mean they are better for styling.


How to choose a silk scarf in Luxury Silver Coloured Silk


A scarf that is multi-functional in terms of style is best. functionality is essential but owning a scarf that is trans-formal and seasonal is even better. It’s easy to create preppy styles and stylish office fashion with a scarf creatively tied around the neck, or even added to a ponytail. Suits get an even better upgrade with a scarf. They are smaller in size, which offers easy pops of colour to any outfit. There is no need to sacrifice functionality for style.

 What are the trends saying for season? This year, the sensibility is minimalism and back to basics. People want the most wear out of their purchases. Scarves can be cool or sexy. They may also transition easily from night to the day. Although the queens tartan plaid and grid line prints are trending heavily, solid toned scarves, or classic monogram prints for scarves are highly sought after for the season.


How to Choose a Silk Scarf in Silk Batik


Choosing “safe colours” or solid neutral colours offers lots of styling options, especially if the scarf is silk. These colours also never go out of trend, since the accompanying silhouettes are also neutral. There are infinity scarves, shoulder, neck, sarong, belt, pashmina, and of course silken square cuts. which one to choose? That all depends on the reason for wearing it. Functionality calls for a heavier scarf with more coverage, while layering may be better suited for smaller scarves. One can still get lots of wear from chunky knit styles.

Pricing doesn’t matter either. For example, vintage styles come in a variety of price ranges depending on the fine details. They range from the mid-hundreds or even under 10 dollars at a local thrift store. French women are masters of styling the scarf. The key is to make sure the style blends in with the outfit or takes it to another level. Wearing a scarf under outerwear, as a belt, or even a headband could really create a stylish iconic look. There are styles inspired by scarves that incorporate them in necklaces, glasses chains, and belts. Again, the key is combining fashion with functionality. When it comes to scarves, both go hand and hand.

The takeaway from this article is creativity. It is easy to become addicted to scarves due to their never-ending versatility. One can never own too many scarves in silk. There’s always a place for scarves in everyday life. Wear them to work for a fancy professional look, or wear it because a scarf is the most reliable fashion accessory to own. The most important message is to select a silk scarf that best suits you.


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