Do You Have Fond Memories of the "First Time"?

Do You Have Fond Memories of the "First Time"?


It is clear that our experiences shape our future, which means it is even more important that we enjoy a balanced upbringing and lifestyle with a broad spectrum of activity. The feelings of nostalgia and happiness serve to give us an understanding of who were are and our purpose.

People, especially adults and older people love to reminisce about their past especially their “First Time” of participating in all sorts of activities. It is human nature to enjoy inspirational, personal stories of the past. Younger children and older adults gain strong bonding and connection through story telling. In fact story telling is an essential part of language and speech development, giving an understanding of sequencing and timing of events.

Falling in love is probably the most popular experience to top the list of the first time. We all have fond memories of the first time that our heart experienced butterflies inside whilst being around someone special, or simply being in love. Love is one of the strongest emotions in life, which means it is usually unforgettable to most, both positively and also with a certain amount of trepidation.

Parents will hold memories of the first time their children did certain things, like the first time you meet your newborn, the first steps of your toddler, a first day at school, first time your child is separated from you and the first time a child leaves home. The manner in which we manage our feelings during these events does change with emotional maturity. The volume of ‘first times’ afford us greater experience to deal with the influx of emotions. A first time experience will bring mixed feelings, as is always the case with any strong emotion. We often cannot cope rationally with overwhelming emotion, which means we overflow with emotion and sometimes exhibit those unexpected feelings.

Reflection is a great way to analyse your past behaviours, to understand whether you could have handled a situation better and to learn for the future. Mutually sharing such first time events gives us the opportunity to gain input from the behaviour of others in similar situations, giving us insight from another perspective. We gain inspiration from this recounting of experiences, and giving to us of lively and interesting viewpoints. The expression “no man is an island” is very significant for you to grow your intra and interpersonal relationships in order to enhance your memories.

Memories of your first time can define who you are right now and your ability to help other people, especially children who aspire to be creative in their daily course in life. It is easy to inspire other people by sharing fond memories of yesterdays. Remember that your memories and experiences shape who you are, so having fond memories of the past is very important. They actually shape the calibre of person that you are today!


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