POETRY – A Smile

London poet Elle Smith produces a modern, contemporary poem in "A Smile' which will light up your world and cause a thousand actions to flow from those around you. Smiles can literally light up the world, and poetry provides the perfect medium to ignite this action:

A Smile


A smile can cause a thousand actions to flow,

as they bring gleaming light,

to make you otherwise glow.

They are warm and welcoming,

offering an ‘invitation to treat’,

which is simple and open,

yet somehow complete.



A smile transcends worries and woes,

melting even the hearts of would-be foes.

They adapt during each occasion,

changing appearance like a chameleon,

with a gentle cuteness to tickle your toes.

You confirm your contentment,

as your heart feels special,

with heavenly enchantment.



A smile is universal, so the whole world can share,

This delightful emotion, which extinguishes all care.

It requires no training and is simple to perform.

Once conveyed the effect is dynamically electric,

making complex, disputes forlorn.

Ultimately, a symbol with worldwide recognition,

and the most powerful tool… against ‘war’.


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