"The path from love to hate..."

"The path from love to hate..."

Colours are inspiring & powerful on our lives!

New Painting – ‘Memories of Venice”

This is my new painting of “Venice in a Bubble” which is called “Memories of Venice”, which beautifully captures my memory of romance whilst in Venice. I have already posted the poem by the same name which accompanies this artwork. Please feel free to see this painting in person as it will be in the […]

Love in Pink

…is about a sea of love, like a blanket of pink flowers spiced delicately with touches of lilac, red and gold. I think this oozes love… :)

Memories of Venice

Memories of Venice We spent time together, so beautiful and serene. Hands clasped tightly in love, no better it could have been. A city floating on water, where everything was like a dream. Days and nights filled with passion, those memories are supreme. Old cobbled streets and waterways, So many things we shared. Our love […]

Happy Easter 2015 everyone!

Here is my painting called “Pâques Oeuf Papillion”, which was painted with the famous Fabergé eggs in mind. The egg in this painting is only visible, because the butterflies have sprinkled it with glistening dust. I liked the idea of the egg being invisible, as it reminds of the true meaning behind Easter, which is […]

About someone whom I miss every day….

About Inspiration is a Poem by Elle Smith

Have you ever pondered about inspiration, wondering where it comes from, what makes it great and so on. UK poet Elle Smith makes a great poem here, describing some of ways in which we all receive inspiration from the things, situations and people around us in life:

Who do you have in a “special” place within your heart..?

“Imagine that your heart has layers.. Throughout your life you meet and love different people, at different times, in different ways. You carefully place those people in “layers” within your heart. However, you reserve the core of your heart for people with whom you share a special love. Maybe this is why we never forget […]