How to do a Luxury Detox with Rasul Mud


How to do a Luxury Detox with Rasul Mud by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


How to Do a Luxury Detox with Rasul Mud?


A really good detox and cleansing treatment is much more than just slathering on products. It’s an experience. This is what you get from a Rasul luxury detox. This mud or clay detox is designed to indulge all your senses, and yes, to give you that wholesome luxurious experience. The Rasul thermal mud treatment is a traditional Arabian inspired art of cleansing and detoxification. It brings together the health boosting properties of steam, heat, and mineral mud for that unique body relaxing and skin conditioning treatment – a truly cleansing ritual.


The Origins of the Rasul Mud Treatment


The traditional Rasul treatment used muds and minerals of various ingredients and colours. It typically took about 50 minutes in a specially designed tiled steam room. Today, you can get the treatment at a spa for about 30 glorious minutes. At times known as Rhassoul, mainly because of geographical and phonetic variations, the Rasul approach has also been used by Moroccan women for centuries as shampoo, soap, and skin conditioner.


The unique properties of the Rasul lava clay make it extremely effective in terms of drawing out the impurities and toxins from the skin. This method also works to nourish and soothe the skin. In older times, the treatment used to take place in private temples. The Rasul detox and treatment we know today is based on those long-practised traditions.


Benefits of a Rasul Mud Detox
The main principle behind the Rasul treatment is purification. It comes with a long-list of mineral-rich mud-related benefits. Naturally, the Rasul mud has a negative yet powerful electromagnetic charge, while most of the toxins found below the skin tend to have a positive charge. The Rhassoul treatments thus become the ideal method of drawing out those impurities and thoroughly detoxifying your skin. Rasul mud is antimicrobial and kills viruses, it protects your skin without altering or damaging your individual skin flora.


It is known to eliminate toxins and relieve rheumatic discomfort by boosting the flow of blood. Rasul mud revives tissue as well as stimulates your lymph system. Rasul also tightens any large and open pores which are not only an aesthetic irritant but which also tend to make your skin more susceptible to impurities that cause spots and blemishes. When used regularly, Rhassoul clay can free you from having to rely on commercial deodorants as it is a natural deodoriser.


Doing a Rasul Mud at Home


Although the Rhassoul mud therapy is normally done within a spa environment, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot bring this cleansing treatment to your home. While you may not benefit from the professional and artistic mastery of a masseur as you would do in a Spa, you can become your own therapist if you put your heart into it.


Several runs at home, alone or with a companion, and you will have mastered the art of this purifying treatment. All you need are the ingredients, the space and you will become your own home-grown masseur and therapist.


There is an added benefit to conducting this ritual at home, and that is - you own it! The whole process can be personalised to your own requirements, with your own choice of relaxing music, aromas and time. Although a spa is a great treat, you always have the time clock ticking away, as to how long for the various stages, or if you want to snooze afterwards. You own it all at home, and can adjust the ritual to your own personal taste(s).


Getting your Luxury Supplies


So, where can you go for your Rasul mud therapy supplies? Many Spas stock variations of this detox treatment items as well as the products needed. Most of them will only be too glad to give you technical assistance or artistic guidance on how to do a home luxury Rasul detox. The supplies you will need include mud wraps, mud masks, and the special types of mineral-rich mud or clay stocks various types of muds, clays, clay masks, powders, shampoos, and oils from different makers at diverse process. Some of the Amazon Rhassoul clays even come with free delivery within the United Kingdom. Just make your selection according to your personal needs. This Rhassoul Clay website also stocks a selection of premium clays and items to use during your ritual. There are a number of recipes for body, skin and hair masks.


Other recommended minerals include Mica, Bentonite, Silica, and Kaolin. These detoxifying muds and minerals have been used for many decades in cleansing rituals that combine heat and steam to draw out impurities from the body and remove skin cells that are dead.


Applying the Rasul Mud


Begin the process by exfoliating the skin with a salt scrub. This is a time tested traditional cleansing ritual that leaves you feeling pure and calm. It leaves your skin soft and beautifully exfoliated. Then self-apply the mineral rich and therapeutic Rasul mud to your body and face. You can ask your partner to perform the application to your body. Remember to also return the favour. The Rasul experience can be enjoyed together by up to 3 people, but a minimum of 2 people is best.


Atmosphere is part of the experience, so do experiment with dimmed, coloured or even flickering tea-lights, which can all enhance the ambience. You can now purchase LED tea-lights, so you do not have to worry about flame-lit candles.


Sit back and relax as the mud does its magic by opening up your pores and absorbing the enriching minerals. You may opt to apply a luxurious blend of lemongrass and lime salt scrub. This is helps in loosening the mud and exfoliating the skin. A warm shower thereafter washes away any remaining mud leaving you thoroughly refreshed. While Rhassoul is great for your skin, remember it also does your hair lots of good, especially for oily hair. A treatment lasting 5 to 10 minutes with Rhassoul on the hair is perfect, and you can obtain the pre-prepared Rhassoul mask available from outlets like Amazon.


Because Rasul clay has active properties, it’s not highly recommend if you have a skin that is extremely sensitive or broken. If you suffer from either low or high blood pressure, the cleansing ritual should be conducted in a controlled environment. When done at a Spa, pregnant women should avoid it as it is a heat treatment. Of course, during pregnancy  (and whilst you have any illness or ailments) you must seek the advice of a health professional before participating in any treatment(s).


Finishing the Detox


Do not use any form of shower gel - or indeed any other type of cleansing product as you rinse off the Rasul mud. This could end up undoing the treatment benefits. The Rasul treatment should be finished with a shower to cleanse off the mud. This also helps to revitalise your system, leaving your skin smooth, soft, silky and fully cleansed. Afterwards, you may want to go to a step further and apply body milk that nourishes your skin into a soft tone. A coconut based milk is particularly indulgent.


You should always relax and drink water after treatments, so make sure you onboard with some delicious water after your ritual. Close your eyes and pause for as long as you can to maximise on the benefits of this treatment.


Final Thoughts


The Rhassoul or Rasul luxury mud detox treatment is arguably one of the best body and skin mud treatments that you will ever get! It is not only fun and relaxing but also gives you a comprehensive body and skin detox. Slathering yourself in warm mineral-rich mud either alone or with a friend is an awesome way of detoxing, and certainly a fantastic treat!


Clearly, at Inspired By Elle, we always love to promote ways to relax and de-stress, so please check out our "how to" pages on luxury treatments for body and foot massages in conjunction with your Rasul Ritual. 


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