The Truth about Detoxing and its Benefits


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It is becoming really complicated to assess what is truth from fiction, with the increased volumes of data we received from various social channels too. Well, every so often, there are fashion trends and diet fads which suddenly become extremely popular. However, this is NOT to say that these health fads offer any health benefit, so it is important to do your own research and assess the veracity always of information keenly placed in front of you.


Detoxing is seemingly the new buzzword, and it's sometimes hard to just say "I don't get it" or "why do I need to do this?" However, it is relatively easy to research and determine the merits of products for yourself.




There are many reasons for detoxing but essentially with any system, regular maintenance is needed to ensure the system runs optimally without failures. Toxins are not natural to the human body, so our immune systems work hard to root out, react and remove them as quickly as possible. This may "distract" the immune system from other important work, which means that other illnesses may be overlooked. Furthermore, the long-term effect may be that we encounter more serious illnesses, and indeed age at an accelerated pace. Well, this is probably the most succinct explanation as to why detoxification is a must.


Think about it - Why do we shower or bathe? The answer - to cleanse the skin and remove old tissue. Why do we brush our teeth? Once again, the reason is that by eating, drinking and even breathing we place germs, bacteria and substances that can decay the teeth and gums, onto the very surface that we need for the consumption of energy-providing food and drink. We regularly service our cars, changing the oil, replacing the air filter and spark plugs, to give them an internal clean of their components. Added to this an engine is fine-tuned to ensure the electrical side of the operation is working optimally, because after regular use, there is wear and tear on the engine.


Many people forget that we are mechanical, electrical and biological beings. We have a complex electric system in our central nervous system, which sends signals in super quick time around our body. Linked to this is our mechanical system, which physically moves our limbs on cue from messages from the central nervous system. Finally, and probably most importantly is the biological system which derives from the gut and blood system, but also involves other organs processing the resultant substances with a balanced system of nutrients to give energy to grow and perform our daily tasks. Our systems eventually fail and do not perform, if subjected regularly to toxins, like heavy metals.


Other reasons why detoxing is necessary: -


Toxic Environment - Each day pollution is sprayed down on us from airplane debris, 'chemtrails', industrial pollution, transport systems: -




Our food supply is no longer organic and is heavily processed, sometimes even genetically-engineered to ensure a quick turnaround of produce. Cattle are no longer fed predominantly on grass, rather seed and grains are the staple diet, which leads to sick animals requiring medicines and most importantly antibiotics to endure accelerated growth rates. Clearly, future generations of these animals and their gene lineage is weakened as a result. This clearly has an impact on humans, in that we no longer eat the high-quality meats. Vegetables are similarly lacking in nutrients as the soil rests below our toxic air environment.


There is a firm body of evidence which suggests that the cattle industry in various ways is a major cause of global warming, from the levels of water needed to produce grain feed, to methane gas later emitted by cattle during their digestion and regurgitation processes. The clearing of vast areas of rainforest for grazing (which raises carbon dioxide levels) similarly impacts the environment. Methane like carbon dioxide, is of course, a greenhouse-effect gas, but is much more damaging to the environment.




It is not only the food chain that is subject to toxification, as our soil drains into our water supply, and in turn to the sea. Clearly, air pollution even applying the laws of gravity must come down to the soil and water supply. Given rivers end up joining the sea, we start to see the circulatory effect of pollution. The water supply is not without toxins of its own in that some authorities place additives in the water supply. An example of this is the debate over fluoride, as this is a medicine so adding to the water supply cannot guarantee the correct dosages for young and old, or indeed small or larger citizens. Furthermore, fluoride should as per the advice of several dentists be applied sparingly topically - that is to the exterior of the teeth.




Unlike any time in our history, we are surrounded by electrical devices, with radio waves and radiation being emitted indiscriminately. The need to advance technology has surpassed the age of safety, in that technology does not seem to be subject to rigorous testing for decades before launch, and with any money-driven business the motivation is not one of health. Simply put - the long-term effects of things like wifi, the internet of things, bluetooth, radiation in homes is unknown, and the bad news is that even more technology will be rolled out in the near future. We must remember that we are electrical beings, so these waves around us, will definitely affect our systems. How - well, only time will tell whether our structures like DNA, mitochondria are affected, which could spell real danger for humanity.




Like no time historically, we are using medicines routinely for headaches to serious, life-threatening illnesses. However, we must apply our basic principles again, and medicines are unnatural, so long-term, regular use will impact our bodies. We take medicines to counter allergic reactions, but why are allergies increasing? It would seem our bodies are giving warning signals, that there is danger but we counter this with antihistamines to conceal the effects. Eventually something has to give, and it would seem it is the human body.




Now this one will shock many of you reading this, but yes! Let's take a simple example of first aid plasters, and how some of us react the material making up the plaster. Think back to biology lessons, and diffusion on the skin's surface and into cells. Even if you cannot remember, just think why apply moisturisers to the skin if they are not absorbed at the surface. Well, imagine wearing a fabric full of toxic dyes for a while.... Well, eventually those toxins are going to seep into your skin and bloodstream. Another great example is TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME - caused by wearing tampons for too long. Obviously, something of toxic origins is causing the body to react and go into shock, even if this is a very adverse reaction, it demonstrates the point perfectly. I am sure you will be examining your purchase of "fast fashion", which is produces in the most economical way, and perhaps using cheap dyes and materials. One prime example is the indigo blue dye used for jeans, which sadly is highly toxic. Th point is that textile toxicity is very real in our clothing.




Many of us possess cars, which not only have a direct impact on pollution, but decreases our interaction wth nature and time spent exercising in green environments. We now live in urban environments, with little green space which is often shared in any event. Exercise allows the body to work out cardiovascularly, physically and also to sweat removing toxins at the skin level. This also is great to cleanse the pores and for recaliberating the system too.





Frequent Headaches;

Discomfort of the stomach;

Frequent colds and viruses;

Dull skin;

Emotional fluctuations;


Fluid retention;


Feeling sluggish;

Cravings, especially sweet stuff;

Brain fog.




    Of course, as with any experimentation with our internal systems, you must approach with care and  caution. Personally, I apply the principle of "everything in moderation" as each person is unique, and tolerances differ, as does size, age etc. 


    A person who consumes high volumes of processed foods would probably need more detoxing, than another who eats a healthy, organic diet. Essentially, you can often recognise the signs of toxicity, like bloating, water retention, acid reflux, feeling sluggish and so on. 


    Historically, my mother used to detox us as kids every school holiday, and we hated it. We would be given a mild laxative of epsom salts, however it did kick-start us back to being full of energy. A word of warning, however that the use of laxatives in excess or regularly can pose serious health risks, so this is not to be done without advice and or supervision.






    Think back to biology lessons, and learning about photosynthesis. Now with this thought in mind, plants can actually clean the air in the home given they use carbon dioxide to produce energy. What is not so commonly recognised is that plants also filter other unwanted toxins from the air, like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde , xylene, trichloroethylene, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.



    Elle Blog The Process of Photosynthesis



    You may be wondering what these wonderful plants are - well, the NASA scientists identified fifty houseplants who do a pretty grand job at removing these toxins, including:


    Areca Palm
    (removes:  toluene and xylene)


    Bamboo Palm
    (removes:  formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene)


    Rubber Plant
    (removes:  formaldehyde)


    Aloe Vera
    (removes:  formaldehyde, benzene and lowers carbon dioxide levels at night)


    Spider Plant
    (removes:  carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene)


    Snake Plant (or "Mother-in-Law's Tongue")
    (removes:  formaldehyde and absorbs carbon dioxide at night)


    Weeping Fig (or "Ficus")
    (removes:  formaldehyde, toluene, xylene)


    English Ivy
    (removes:   formaldehyde)


    (removes:   benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene)


    Golden Pathos
    (removes:  formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide)


    Peace Lily
    (removes:  acetone,  alcohols, ammonia, trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde)


    Dwarf Date Palm
    (removes:  xylene)


    Boston Fern
    (removes:  formaldehyde)


    Plants in these categories offer an array of benefits in terms of detoxing, as not only do they provide a filtration of several toxic substances from the air, they also offer a green, natural environment which helps to calm the mind and is a reminder of nature. Furthermore, it is purported that the new 5G technology struggles in green space, so it may in the future offer a means of shielding from EMF waves.


    Clearly, plants provide a natural means of detoxing the air around us, however there are no tangible results. You may therefore wish to supplement your plant-based efforts with an electrical device, especially if you suffer with allergies. There are numerous devices on the market, however you need to balance this use with potential radiation output. One other important consideration in choice, should be a non-ozone emitting device with preferably HEPA ("High Efficiency Particulate Air") and activated carbon filters. These are currently the best types of filters available.





    Use a detoxifying and clarifying shampoo regularly to remove not only the build-up from hair products, but calcium from hard water and of course toxins from the air. This should not be done regularly as in every time you wash your hair, but frequently to allow the hair follicles to receive the good nutrients and become strong and healthy.




    Well, we know how blocked pores on the face cause breakouts and a poor complexion, so applying this to our body skin too, will ensure soft, glowing skin all over. Just cleansing the pores will have a noticeable effect, as they will work optimally again. You could opt for a spa treatment, where someone does the work for you; however, we suggest this should be for treats ideally as you need to detox the skin on a regular basis for health. A bath in epsom salts is a great detox, or a salt scrub/clay application before a shower. Team this up with a body massage to gently exercise the skin and muscles beneath to again promote them working well.


    One important point to note, is that you should also replenish moisture the skin after a detox, to keep the skin maintaining its elasticity. Often a good moisturiser is a great barrier or defence to external factors from UV radiation to dust.




    This may seem radical but this is the intake point to our food and water, so not only is brushing teeth and mouthwash important, but detox here is vital. Charcoal toothpastes are now readily available on the High Street, and carbon is known to be the best toxin remover currently known to man.


    Every so often it is also important to give the teeth a deep clean, not dissimilar to that done by a hygienist (and they may be your first port of call). However, you also need to maintain your vigilance at home, with whitening scrubs to remove build-up on the teeth.




    Cleaning the ears and nose will reveal the amount of dust and grime surrounding us. Any build-up affects the working of an organ, so removal of this on a regular is a must. Personally, I also flex the ears and nose by rubbing them gently to exercise the structure around the organs.




    The gut is predominantly the biggest one on the list of bodily parts needing detoxification regularly, as we eat and drink multiple times per day taking in substances as demonstrated above, which are far from being organic anymore.


    There is a build up of all sorts of toxins in the gut, including heavy metals, chemicals and particles. There is therefore not a singular detoxing agent for everything, rather you should use a variety of agents to remove toxins from the body and alternate their use to avoid the body becoming acclimatised to them.



    Elle Blog Ways to Detox in Truth about Detoxing and its Benefits



    Heavy Metals - Zeolite, cilantro, a green diet are all perfect for removing heavy metals, and some of the substances listed below work too. 


    Chemicals - Hardwood charcoal, activated charcoal, carbon 60 and clays like bentonite with a good water supply to flush the system. Water with a high concentration of silica (which binds toxins naturally) is ideal. You must drink a healthy amount of water daily, as simply having concentration can cause the effects of toxins to increase, and drinking water dilutes the effects, plus helps to rejuvenate cells. There are other foods which are great for detoxifying the body, including superfoods like turmeric, amla fruit (or "Indian Gooseberry"), sea buckthorn, pomegranate, seaweed, blueberries, asparagus, dandelion root and kale which all aid the process.




    Our minds are literally bombarded with information, radio waves and toxins. We are seeing an increase in diseases affecting the brain's functionality, so it would seem wise to detox the brain regularly, and to avoid these environments as much as we can. Carbon 60 is a great detoxifying agent for the brain as it pulls heavy metals out of the tissue without harm and easily. Furthermore, taking timeout, for a technology detox is a very satisfying and rewarding experience. A mind detox is also useful to recalibrate your thoughts positively.




    The feet are often treated like poor relations in our bodily health; however as our prime transport mechanism, we should show them much more respect and care.


    We often forget alternative medicines like reflexology demonstrate the importance of the feet. In fact, there are some 15 acupressure points for various organs in the body all present in the feet. This alone should show why we should look after the feet in our overall cleansing protocol, which is not just about removing toxins but massage too.


    A foot spa with epsom salts may draw out the toxins from the feet, but also soothes the feet. Try this recipe for a foot soak to enjoy the treatment. Follow this up with a gentle massage of the feet with moisturiser. Oils like peppermint and rosemary are also great for opening up the pores.





    Elle Blog Staying Healthy in Truth about detox and its benefits
    It is estimated that our environment now has around 200,000 toxins present, and even the miraculous carbon in the form of charcoal, is known to only remove some 4,000 toxins. This demonstrates perfectly the need to use multiple detoxing agents to gain traction in an ever-increasingly toxic world.


    Try a green diet, or plant-based diet, reducing the amount of meat that you consume, and treat meat as we do vegetables, as the side dish to the main green meal. Avoid all substances that are unnatural to the human body, from foods to milk, and even clothing. A recent new alternative to cow's milk, which is emerging is camel milk, which is apparently a close match to human milk. Consider why we tend to transplant like for like organs in the human body, then apply this to milk as surely the body will similarly reject unfamiliar milk, as a foreign entity.


    Every product should be used in moderation, and not excessively. Many milk allergy sufferers are forced to almond or other nut-based milks, and after a period develop a nut allergy too. We can find calcium, iron and other nutrients in our diet from a plant-based diet, and indeed including natural seaweeds is another great idea.


    Some people will still need to take supplements as their systems do not take on-board enough nutrition of these micronutrients, and a great way to take supplements ensuring absorption, is transdermal patches and melt in the mouth supplements.


    A device like a reverse-osmosis water filter could help dramatically to reduce the chemicals and additives in your water supply. Many of these are invisible to the naked eye, so cleansing the water supply at source is a great idea. Your hair may also benefit from a soft water filter head for washing the hair during shampooing.




    The truth is that detoxing is a necessity in our ever increasing toxic world. The sad news is that we are seeing pollution in our oceans, on our beaches, in the air, causing the climate of the planet to change. This necessitates more unnatural farming and food production methods. This does not bode well for omnivorous man as our diet has evolved over the years, to a more processed one, with more cooked foods being consumed. 


    This is a sure sign that we must detox ourselves back to optimal health!!


     This article offers information and ideas for self-management of your detox regime. Of course, with any health matter you should seek the advice of a medical professional before undertaking any health regime.

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