Poem – If Tomorrow..

This contemporary poem by Elle Smith talks of If Tomorrow and ponders of all the things that you would want to say to the love of your life should something happen tomorrow:


If Tomorrow


If tomorrow comes and I did not say “I love you”.

You would never know my true feeling,

and I know this would leave you feeling blue.

I decided that instead of waiting for the moment,

EVERY day I would tell you, that it’s really true!


If tomorrow comes and I did not get my Aston Martin;

then maybe, it’s not the ultimate ‘bargain’.

It would mean that fortune could elsewhere be spent,

perhaps to something more ‘valuable’,

to allow each day to make more sense.


If tomorrow comes and I did not travel the globe,

maybe to horizons new, I was not destined to probe.

My footsteps were perhaps meant to stay close,

to people and places of familiar-ity,

than a nomad to be, travelling from town to city.


If tomorrow comes and to the past I reflect,

I would definitely have so many regrets.

My time here could have been better spent,

than chasing materiality, shadows and esteem;

Oh, how different my life could have been.


It’s tomorrow and I am c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y prepared.

You know how much I love you, and know I truly care.

I don’t have the car, a mansion or massive wealth,

But what I do have is far more valuable:

as I have LOVE, and my true self!


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