POEM – The Conflict Tree

The Conflict Tree 

Differences are actually interesting.

they mean we are unique.

Each one of us is special,

in a multitude of ways.

A rich man may own a Rolls Royce,

a poor man just a Ford;

but that doesn’t pose a problem,

as out there it’s a great big world.

These differences can make us alter,

changing our personalities from inside.

The wealth can give us power,

over others to selfishly preside.

INEQUALITY will breed within us,

as will injustice and rage.

We pull at our values and morals,

to try to exercise restraint.

Each day the pressure keeps building,

as differences are pointed out.

Some things are better unmentioned,

no need to classify this way.

The eyes should just see the person,

and not race, religion, straight or gay.

This is the way the conflict commences,

and like a tree takes stature, each and every day.


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