Poem – If Tomorrow..

This contemporary poem by Elle Smith talks of If Tomorrow and ponders of all the things that you would want to say to the love of your life should something happen tomorrow:

Video about the Sumatran Orangutan

The Sumatran Orangutan

I have just finished my compact painting of this critically endangered species. You will probably remember the sketch from a few weeks ago. Well, what a difference now that I have “painted him in”. He looks too realistic for words, as his eyes seem to look deeply at you :) Please do not forget to […]

New Painting – ‘Memories of Venice”

This is my new painting of “Venice in a Bubble” which is called “Memories of Venice”, which beautifully captures my memory of romance whilst in Venice. I have already posted the poem by the same name which accompanies this artwork. Please feel free to see this painting in person as it will be in the […]

Love in Pink

…is about a sea of love, like a blanket of pink flowers spiced delicately with touches of lilac, red and gold. I think this oozes love… :)

POEM called “Connected” (Translated)

This contemporary poem by UK poet, Elle Smith is called 'Connected'. The original version was written in French and describes how we are all connected to each other:

POEM in French

“Connecté” ~~~ Je suis moi; mais ma raison d’être, ceci est difficile à expliquer. ~~~ Je suis lié, Pour beaucoup de gens. Une partie du passé, d’autres à l’avenir . ~~~ Je suis compliqué. Chaque chance dans ma vie, me donne la possibilité de grandir. ~~~ Je suis bien informé. Je sens les choses dans […]

Time to play “Guess Who?”

Well, this guy is just so….. handsome :) Can you play 'Guess Who" to work out just who this handsome actor sketched in charcoal really is?

It’s time to SMILE :)

Hope you like my sketch!

“Connecté en Cercles”

Introducing my new painting, which I think is simplistic but also sophisticated at the same time. Tell me what you think and whether you like it?

Guess Who?

I have been sketching and painting as the weather has not been too good this bank holiday weekend. Send me a message if you can tell who she is..?

“Blurred Lines”

What does that mean to you? Do you have blurred lines in your life? Enjoy!

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