Do you recognise the person in the picture?

One of the sketches from my gallery, which you can visit here. Do you recognise the person in the picture?

“Snow Leopard Cub” Update

Here is a little update on my “Snow Leopard Cub” painting. The snow leopard cub is quite different from my other endangered animal portraits, as it’s going to be something between a sketch and a painting. He is looking more realistic, especially his eyes. What are your thoughts?

About Inspiration is a Poem by Elle Smith

Have you ever pondered about inspiration, wondering where it comes from, what makes it great and so on. UK poet Elle Smith makes a great poem here, describing some of ways in which we all receive inspiration from the things, situations and people around us in life:

“Precious Voice”

One of my early portraits – “Precious Voice” My art is for sale as displayed. Commissioned projects are welcome, including paintings, abstract and portrait work. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in the purchase of prints or oil paintings.

Finished Portrait!

Here’s the finished product! Did you guess who it was? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Guess who?

Guess who? Here is another one of my sketches, drawn onto the canvas before painting. Do you know who it is? Comment with your answer!

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time We all begin at the same place, Some are small and others tall, And yet with these differences we celebrate. We grow, we learn and build our lives, Some find happiness and others pain, And yet with these attributes, our lives reverberate. We enter a world where we can travel and […]

A short poem…about Happiness and Sadness

This is a beautiful, short poem by Elle Smith from the UK, which describes a place where happiness and sadness meet:

“The Polar Bear”

My most recent painting – “The Polar Bear” Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. The bears were the first vertebrate species to be listed by the U.S. Endangered Species Act as threatened by extinction primarily because of global warming. Over thousands of years, polar bears have also been […]

New Sketch

Today I sat down and sketched for a new painting. I don’t sketch the whole thing, as I merely wanted to capture the positioning and the eyes. As previously explained, I then paint the animal directly on to the canvas. I LOVE the eyes…. let’s see how this develops.

“Blurred Lines”

This painting is about how one person sees and views the same subject matter differently to another. It does not mean that either viewpoint is less valuable than the next; but rather demonstrates that we are all individuals. Each person has a unique outlook on life, and much can be gained from the perspective of […]

“The Bonobo”

My most recent portrait was inspired by ‘The Bonobo’. I was captivated by the pouting chimpanzee image that I saw, as it so mimics a human-being. Then, after doing some research I realised that the Bonobo, which to me was an unknown species of chimpanzee, actually shares more than 98% of the same DNA as […]