A new portrait – Guess who..?

London in a Bubble

Tomorrow marks the 35th London Marathon, so I have posted my video which accompanies my painting by the same name. The video showcases several of the keys places to visit in London, and provides some information that even I did not know! Enjoy :) “Good Luck to Everyone taking part!”

People are Amazing!

This contemporary poetry by Elle Smith is called 'People are Amazing'. It reminds us that we should celebrate people around us for all their diversity, as people count above everything at the end of the day:

Time……….How “BUSY’ we have all become?

Do you remember that famous poem by William Henry Davies? It begins: “What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare….” I am constantly amazed that people are preoccupied with being busy, but are we really more busy? Maybe it is the case, that priorities are changing; and […]

Portrait of Beauty

A few weeks ago I posted the sketch of this painting, and suggested you “Guess Who”. This is the completed painting which I love as it shows femininity so colourfully. It reminds me of that catchy song…”Isn’t she lovely..?”

Memories of Venice

Memories of Venice We spent time together, so beautiful and serene. Hands clasped tightly in love, no better it could have been. A city floating on water, where everything was like a dream. Days and nights filled with passion, those memories are supreme. Old cobbled streets and waterways, So many things we shared. Our love […]

Limited Edition Sumatran Tiger T-shirt

It is not always feasible to purchase oil paintings, however I have decided to convert one of my art paintings into a t-shirt, which is only going to be available in limited numbers. I already have one, so don’t miss out as it’s nice to own something that is not generic.

Paris in a Bubble is a Chic Art Painting

Paris in a Bubble is simply a chic, minimalist art painting by Elle Smith in the UK. This concept of capturing a memory of a location in bubble art is demonstrated perfectly with the silhouette of Paris floating in the air within a clear bubble. Sometimes, simple and minimalist is enough to say it all!

CityScapes Art Competition 2015

Watch this video to view my painting within the YouTube slideshow of CityScapes Art Competition 2015. There were 676 entries from 17 different countries around the world, and I am delighted to be awarded a Special Recognition Certificate for my abstract painting: “Paris in a Bubble”

Happy Easter 2015 everyone!

Here is my painting called “Pâques Oeuf Papillion”, which was painted with the famous Fabergé eggs in mind. The egg in this painting is only visible, because the butterflies have sprinkled it with glistening dust. I liked the idea of the egg being invisible, as it reminds of the true meaning behind Easter, which is […]

About someone whom I miss every day….


This contemporary poem by Elle Smith describes what it might truly be like to have peace in the world: