Painting – “Purple Rain”

“Feelings can be painful when viewed through one pane of glass”

Painting – “Pink Success”

An optimistic piece which is 300mm by 300mm – Oil on canvas.

Video – Music in the Dark

Do we listen carefully? Do we need to hear to understand? Do we actually understand what we see? Do we even need to see to understand what we see? This video embraces a deeper message, which I have tried to capture in my abstract painting of the same name. We listen to music and the […]

Love in Pink

…is about a sea of love, like a blanket of pink flowers spiced delicately with touches of lilac, red and gold. I think this oozes love… :)

“Connecté en Cercles”

Introducing my new painting, which I think is simplistic but also sophisticated at the same time. Tell me what you think and whether you like it?

Happy Easter 2015 everyone!

Here is my painting called “Pâques Oeuf Papillion”, which was painted with the famous Fabergé eggs in mind. The egg in this painting is only visible, because the butterflies have sprinkled it with glistening dust. I liked the idea of the egg being invisible, as it reminds of the true meaning behind Easter, which is […]

Over the Rainbow - Art showing Happiness and Sadness

My most recent oil painting: “Over the Rainbow” links happiness and sadness in one art image. A video will be posted later today on my Facebook page showing my feelings and thoughts behind this oil painting, keep a look out! Let me know your thoughts and feedback!

The Conflict Tree

“I wanted to tackle some issues that were recurring in my mind, for example what causes conflict. Every day, there seems to be more conflict in the world, be it with war, disputes, breakdown in relationships and marriage, arguments and so on. However, my thoughts reverberated with whether people actually step outside the box to […]

“Weeping Willow”

New videos are now available on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and tell me whether you like them! My videos give insight on the stories and thoughts behind my paintings. Find out the story behind my “Weeping Willow” painting here: