New Painting – ‘Memories of Venice”

This is my new painting of “Venice in a Bubble” which is called “Memories of Venice”, which beautifully captures my memory of romance whilst in Venice.

I have already posted the poem by the same name which accompanies this artwork.

Please feel free to see this painting in person as it will be in the Future and Behind (Un)Contemporary Art Exhibition in Venice for the month of August 2015. The concept behind this exhibition comes from the language of the Aymara people and the phrase “aka-ta qhipa uru”, and means “from now to behind”. The suggestion being that in order to see what is good and useful, the answer is in our hands as we must inevitably look backwards. The Aymaras see themselves with the past in front and the future behind their shoulders.

Enjoy :)

Memories of Venice - GLITTERY2015

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