NEW PAINTING – Ring-Tailed Lemur of Madagascar

Introducing the new animal oil painting of the Ring-Tailed lemur of Madagascar by Elle Smith. This cute animal is definitely an endangered species who lives in the minute as he joyfully enjoys playing in the wild.


PAINTING – “Crapaud Rouge de Madagascar”

This painting is an oil on canvas at 8 by 10 inches, of this unique frog which is endemic to Madagascar. He is also known as a “Tomato Frog” due to his bright colouring. 

POEM – Friendship

We giggled the whole summer through, because you get me, like I get you. We got into so many scrapes it was sheer fun. You had my back each time I had to run. We shared our adventures and secrets alike, The tears, the laughter, everything was alright. We had a secret code that no-one […]

POEM – The Conflict Tree

The Conflict Tree  Differences are actually interesting. they mean we are unique. Each one of us is special, in a multitude of ways. A rich man may own a Rolls Royce, a poor man just a Ford; but that doesn’t pose a problem, as out there it’s a great big world. These differences can make […]

PAINTING – “Bird of Paradise”

This oil painting reflects the colours and scenery of my paradise island, where time would simply “melt” away. Roll on the day when I can escape there! :)

What is the True Worth of Money?

This article gives pause for thought about climbing the career ladder :)

ART – Giant Panda gets his balloon

Video – Music in the Dark

Do we listen carefully? Do we need to hear to understand? Do we actually understand what we see? Do we even need to see to understand what we see? This video embraces a deeper message, which I have tried to capture in my abstract painting of the same name. We listen to music and the […]

Last Night I did another “Guess Who?”

Final “Guess Who?” Trilogy

This charcoal sketch is the final one in the trilogy of 'Guess Who' by London Artist, Elle Smith. Can you tell who the famous face is in this sketch?

POETRY – A Smile

London poet Elle Smith produces a modern, contemporary poem in "A Smile' which will light up your world and cause a thousand actions to flow from those around you. Smiles can literally light up the world, and poetry provides the perfect medium to ignite this action:

contemporary poem a smile by London poet Elle Smith 

Another Guess Who?

London artist, Elle Smith, invites you to play another round of 'Guess Who' is the person in her charcoal sketch. There is a huge clue in that this guy is a football legend.

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