Last Night I did another “Guess Who?”

Final “Guess Who?” Trilogy

This charcoal sketch is the final one in the trilogy of 'Guess Who' by London Artist, Elle Smith. Can you tell who the famous face is in this sketch?

Friday Fun – Guess Who???

Time to play along with Friday Fun as we play 'Guess Who' is the footballer in this charcoal portrait sketch by Elle Smith:

Time to play “Guess Who?”

Well, this guy is just so….. handsome :) Can you play 'Guess Who" to work out just who this handsome actor sketched in charcoal really is?

It’s time to SMILE :)

Hope you like my sketch!

Guess Who?

I have been sketching and painting as the weather has not been too good this bank holiday weekend. Send me a message if you can tell who she is..?

Guess who?

Guess who? Here is another one of my sketches, drawn onto the canvas before painting. Do you know who it is? Comment with your answer!

New Sketch

Today I sat down and sketched for a new painting. I don’t sketch the whole thing, as I merely wanted to capture the positioning and the eyes. As previously explained, I then paint the animal directly on to the canvas. I LOVE the eyes…. let’s see how this develops.