A new bubble art painting of Caracas

A new bubble art painting of Caracas

Video of Dubai in a Bubble

Dubai City is simply a breathtaking location, and the music in this video is captivating to match this location. This video has been composed by artist, Elle Smith, to convey the essence of this amazing city, which is captured in a bubble in the art painting of 'Dubai in a Bubble'.

“Sunset on Johannesburg” – Oil on Canvas

This memory has been captured in a bubble for a friend who lives in Zambia! :) The artwork is only 8 by 10 inches, but I think it is a stunning way to keep this memory alive and fresh forever.

CityScapes Art Competition 2015

Watch this video to view my painting within the YouTube slideshow of CityScapes Art Competition 2015. There were 676 entries from 17 different countries around the world, and I am delighted to be awarded a Special Recognition Certificate for my abstract painting: “Paris in a Bubble”