New Beginnings....15 September 2015

Hi Everyone - Welcome to our new website!

I am so happy to finally have a website where I can fully showcase my art paintings and poetry in the same place!

Clearly, many of you will know my name, but let me introduce myself for anyone who is new to the site. My name is Elle Smith, and I love to be creative. I really appreciate you visiting the site to look at my art paintings and read my poetry. My hope is that you will find my work inspiring, and that it will give you pleasure; just as I take great pleasure and passion in creating each and every piece. The world is truly a beautiful place if you take the time to observe!

People always ask about me, and well I am probably much the same as many of you. I am a mother, sister, friend, colleague and a career woman too. I believe strongly in equality, sustainability , protection of the environment and continuous self-growth.

For me, art has to be meaningful and intense. I use art to express the way I am feeling, the inspiration from everything which I come into contact with, like animals, nature, people and even books. Browsing through my gallery I am sure you will see this in the varied art collections.

My poetry is raw and comes straight from my heart, addressing issues that we all have to deal with in life. I have composed pieces about love, friendship, peace and the fact that people are actually amazing, if you take time to get to know them. There are a few life lessons which I have shared, as I feel they may be of benefit to others!

Enjoy browsing!



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