New Poetry Book!

Some time ago whilst working on my Artist Portfolio, it came to me that my artwork paired with selective poems would make a great book.

I love poetry as I find being on the go all the time, that time to myself is a real treat, and usually I am tired when I finally get to that stage. Anyways, one of my favourite books is Life by Paulo Coehlo and is simply a collection of poems for different topics.

It is so relaxing to either sit in the sunshine and read a few short, but meaningful poems or in the winter months to have a special tea and to enjoy your poetry in front of an open fire.

Anyway, I have been busy working away to compose some unique poetry for this book, and I can honestly say my imagination went into overdrive in terms of the topics and feelings I addressed. I have now written so many that even I cannot remember the words perfectly. However, last night for the first time, I decided to test out my book with a few friends as we had a girlie night. I ended up having requests for another, and another as they nearly made me read the whole book. I looked at my friends faces and I had clearly stirred the emotions in them, which was great to know that people can relate to what I am writing. 

One friend has "booked me" to narrate a poem at her wedding, some time in the future as she is not even engaged yet. However, the poem that really got them choked was not one that I had expected, but it seems it is definitely one for the ladies. It is called "Meeting Mr Phillips", so watch this space as hopefully the manuscript will be complete very soon!

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