We used to be a "tiny acorn" and now we are heading for 50K likes on Facebook!

We used to be a "tiny acorn" and now we are heading for 50K likes on Facebook!

This is truly amazing as it does demonstrate that "from tiny acorns, great oaks grow" as it is so hard to believe that the original website was only started in September 2014. Many people criticised the humble website, and had plenty to say about things it seemingly did not have, or that they perceived should be done differently. 

However, it is sometimes the case that you must your close your ears to criticism in order to progress. You have to believe in yourself and your aspirations. I so often hear people who from fear, never try to realise their dreams. Listening to your critics on another level can cause confusion, after all they express only their opinion which may or may not be shared by others. Times are quite different in the Twenty-First Century and today's criticism often becomes tomorrow's bright ideas, with people forgetting the earlier viewpoint all too quickly.

  • Today's Small could become Tomorrow's Large;
  • Criticism can be vented for underlying reasons;
  • Determination will always move you forward;
  • Patience is a very important skill to master;
  • No door is ever truly closed.
These points may seem obvious but maybe we need to be reminded of these basic principles. The most important is probably the last one, and for many reasons. If you can master this in your mindset, your success in almost anything is guaranteed. Be inspired to do something amazing!

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