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Time……….How “BUSY’ we have all become?

Do you remember that famous poem by William Henry Davies?

It begins:

“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare….”

I am constantly amazed that people are preoccupied with being busy, but are we really more busy? Maybe it is the case, that priorities are changing; and have changed?

I spoke to a friend who was reflecting on the breakdown of his marriage, and he said that he had been preoccupied with his car business to make a luxury lifestyle for his family. He now appreciated that his focus should have been on his partner; however there is a fine line to balance between having a roof over your head, and keeping your head up in that roof.

Ultimately, he conceded that he would rather lose everything than his family and home life. Relationships are so important, and are really the only true measure of success. A wealthy man in a home empty of family and friends, can only pretend that he is happy.

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