All Women Art Competition award!

I am pleased to announce that the ‘Light Space & Time’ online gallery have awarded me a ribbon and certificate for my abstract “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” artwork. Light Space & Time was created to assist new and emerging artists gain competition experience in juried art shows. The gallery works to help participating artists develop […]

Guess who?

Guess who is the famous president depicted in this portrait sketch by UK artist, Elle Smith?

Elle always prepare a sketch before painting a portrait. This enables her to gain a feel for the characteristics of the person in the sketch, especially for expression lines in the face.

“Flower Portraits”

I love flowers and always feel that a home is somehow lacking if there are not signs of nature therein. I love the colours and scent they fill a room with. They offer beauty and tranquility, plus a sense of being at one with nature. View my flower portraits here.

Over the Rainbow - Art showing Happiness and Sadness

My most recent oil painting: “Over the Rainbow” links happiness and sadness in one art image. A video will be posted later today on my Facebook page showing my feelings and thoughts behind this oil painting, keep a look out! Let me know your thoughts and feedback!

Snow Leopard Donation

It saddens me to know that such a beautiful animal is facing extinction. These animals are fierce and yet have a cuteness, which is exquisite. I was lucky enough to see these amazing creatures, hence the painting of a baby snow leopard. I hope by painting nearly extinct animals to inspire donations to their respective […]

“The Mandarin Duck”

Following on from my theme of endangered animals, here is a portrait of “The Mandarin Duck”. The mandarin is widely regarded as the worlds most beautiful duck. It is native of China and Japan. Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

“The Red Squirrel”

View my gallery of endangered animals here in my Animal Art Collection.
This portrait is called “The Red Squirrel”. Another animal I was inspired to paint after becoming mesmerised by the baby Snow Leopard!, and this oil painting can also be viewed in the animal art painting in the Original Art online gallery.

“The Baby Snow Leopard”

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Click here to view my online animal art gallery, where you will see my recent oil paintings of endangered animals species, including “The Sumatran Tiger Cub”
I deciding to paint animals after being deeply moved by an endangered animal. My first animal portrait was that of the baby snow leopard. I was truly mesmerised by these amazing creatures when I first saw them at the zoo. I stood watching them for ages in their enclosure. They are truly beautiful creatures, especially with those long, curly tails!

“The Sumatran Tiger Cub – The Other Simba”

Human beings have the benefit of intelligence and must respect the planet that we are fortunate enough to occupy. It is blessed with resources which enable us to walk outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and breathe deeply absorbing the beautiful nature around us. We may be at the top of the food chain, but we must […]

The Sun Never Sets On Conflict..

Here is another conceptual art painting in oils by myself, on the same topic of conflict. Of course, this topic is very relevant in the 21st Century as we see much conflict around the globe, with seemingly no long-term solutions. I have called my colourful art painting : “The Sun Never Sets On Conflict”. View my other conceptual art pieces here

The Conflict Tree

“I wanted to tackle some issues that were recurring in my mind, for example what causes conflict. Every day, there seems to be more conflict in the world, be it with war, disputes, breakdown in relationships and marriage, arguments and so on. However, my thoughts reverberated with whether people actually step outside the box to […]

“Weeping Willow”

New videos are now available on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and tell me whether you like them! My videos give insight on the stories and thoughts behind my paintings. Find out the story behind my “Weeping Willow” painting here: