Colours are inspiring & powerful on our lives!

I recently wrote an article about the colour red, which was titled "Is Red the Ultimate Colour of Success?" Indeed, it does seem that colours have a profound effect on us.

Red is probably the most significant colour in the spectrum, and is indeed in the top two favourite colours fro most of the population. It is clear that this one colour causes both physical and emotional effect on us, as we hold an invisible neuro-attraction to 'red'.

What does the colour red signify for you:

  • Danger
  • Love
  • Pain
  • Success
  • Anger
  • Fear

This list is by no means exhaustive of the meanings or feelings evoked by this colour, however, it is very interesting. Red can evoke totally opposite feelings. This is why it is possible to confuse someone's red face. This may seem strange, however both embarrassment and anger share that same shade.

Actually, I find it inspiring that colour can impact human beings to this degree. It is clear that colours display their own non-verbal communication system.

"It is clear that colour matters, so make sure you colour your world!"

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