Visions in the Mirror


What a beautiful and inspirational poem about love centred around refections in a mirror. 'Visions in the Mirror' is an original, contemporary poem by London poet, Elle Smith which is packed with imagination:


Visions in the Mirror


Morning comes, so up I get,

and rush to look in the mirror.

Remembering your tender grip,

as your arms gently hug me.

I hold my breath anticipating,

that you will be in the picture.

All I see is another fading vision,

us together like we used to be.

We are in the park on a sunny day,

laughter and smiles in abundance.

Time just melts, when we’re together;

as love plays out to its own melody.

Neither of us want to ever leave,

with sunshine on our romantic moment.

I glimpse again, now we are at dinner,

playing games, as we look, at each other.

More memories come, as I close my eyes,

of you holding me tightly in your arms,

again safely you watch over.

I want to say those magic words ‘I love you’,

but I’m afraid you won’t say it back,

so again I freeze in my mirror,

I reflect but it won’t give you back,

into that bed disappointed I return.

My duvet seems an empty place,

until I realize you were there all alone.


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4 Responses


June 10, 2017

I must say Elle, you are sooooo talented, your poems are so gently and deep in the same time. This poem is so realistic, I spend so much time looking in the mirror and dreaming, couldn’t describe it better than you in this poem :)

Francie Eschenower
Francie Eschenower

October 03, 2016

I had to laugh when I read this because it reminded me so much of myself, staring in the mirror and fantasizing about good times in the past and good times I’m projecting into the future. We do that, and the trick is to find the positives in the here and now, not worrying too much about the past or dreaming so much about the future that we miss the good things in the here and now.

Thanks for a delightful moment of reflection.


Elle Smith
Elle Smith

August 14, 2016

Many thanks – That Dionne Warwick song is coming into mind :)

Abbott Brush
Abbott Brush

August 14, 2016

Elle, you are a heartbeeaker. That’s the power of the written word from a deep soul. I don’t think I can write anything more right now. I’m not a poet.

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