The Cycle of Bullying

People often struggle to understand bullying and this original poem called 'The Cycle of Bullying' by Elle Smith in the UK, offers unique insight of that question:


The Cycle of Bullying


You ask why I bully,

I guess it’s difficult to see.

The reason is simple,

someone did it to me.

I know two wrongs,

never make one right.

Thought is not given,

as you act out of spite.

It was a dominant girl,

in my GREAT relationship.

I can see it clearly now,

she was actually a bitch.

The guys at the office,

were really just as bad. 

You have to be macho,

whilst inside you are sad.

I know I am well…

emotionally weak.

Some people actually think,

that this makes me a freak.

For a few moments,

when others I do hurt.

YEAH, I do feel strong!

It never is long-lasting,

upon realizing I’ve done wrong.

Inside I hate myself,

as I know how they feel.

There I am at the beginning,

with what makes this real.


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