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Enigma code for Human Rights

We are facing unprecedented times where human rights and civil liberties are being eroded as life in the 21st Century changes. 'The Enigma Code for Human Rights' is a contemporary poem inspired by the case of Lauri Love and composed in a sophisticated way by London poet, Elle Smith:


Enigma Code for Human Rights 


When power vests,

in just hands of one.

Corruption is rife,

as that evil expands.

The cheque we drew,

for our human rights,

will be lost forever,

gone overnight.

Passwords are like,

a bank account PIN.

Encryption required,

protecting you therein.

One man stood tall,

a nation to protect.

Lauri Love said “NO”;

surrender - to State arrest.

We live in times,

where illusion is rife.

Do everything possible,

as privacy is your right.

Surveillance is a ‘SMART’ tool,

‘willingly’ making us act the fool.

Giving up everything,

is what the system wants,

unlocking human beings,

without protest or warrant. 


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