Dream for the 21st Century

Dream for the 21st Century is a contemporary poem by London poet and artist, Elle Smith. It is often said that tears are never shed in vane, this inspirational poem informs us that tears actually birth a brighter and better future:


Dream for the 21st Century poem by Elle Smith of Inspired By Elle


Dream for the 21st Century


One tear for peace across the globe,

no more questions or the need to probe.

Joy enough to make the heart dance at night,

as people come together loving alike.


Another tear for illness to finally disappear,

no need for vaccines, or the loss of heirs.

Pharma companies are gone overnight,

surplus to requirements, as money is tight.


The third tear comes with greater ease,

as water flows to ease famine relief.

Suddenly others join me to cry out loud,

wanting no more rulers dictating to the crowd.


The world is seeing the darkest of days,

this is always the way, until the light remains.

Suddenly tears flow vigorously across the globe,

cleansing away all the trash it unearthed.


Martin, Michael and J F K rejoice from the grave,

as they can see their dream is on its way.

The 21st Century will eventually restore new hope,

before which we must sadly endure much hurt.


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