Dream Filled With Icons

Imagine having a dream where several iconic celebrities visit you to convey various statements, with one key note....of love. Introducing the contemporary poem 'Dream filled with Icons' by London poet, Elle Smith:


Dream filled with Icons


Last night my dream,

took me to the U.S. of A,

where I met with legends,

I am honoured to say.

Prince talked of controversy,

in the world that we live.

I said ‘Hey man Prince

that’s just the way that it is.”

Notorious jumped into scene,

to remind me “You never give in.”

Aspirations make you tall,

B.I.G. even if the world,

sees you small.

2Pac said never throw a punch,

words rank better,

when push comes to shove.

Malcolm X denounced his name,

stating this kept him shackled

in chains.

Doctor King spoke of his dream,

with equality in mind

saying that Human Rights,

would make us all free.

Princess Alliyah reminding girls,

more than a woman,

they are indeed.

Whitney and Michael

whispered to me,

they don’t care about us,

make sure the kids

are free.

Too many voices

with just one cue,



will see

us through.


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