Dementia is a debilitating condition, which is so hard to express but the words in this contemporary, original poem by UK Poet Elle Smith who provides some insight via poetry. It is estimated that 1 in every 3 children born today will suffer from dementia in their lifetime. It's sad but true, so let's try to understand from the inside out, how it feels to be in the topsy-turvy world of dementia as described in this original poem:


Original Poem Dementia by UK poet Inspired By Elle Smith Alzheimers Contemporary Poetry




My head is in muddle,

my words are in a blur.

I see things in the shadows,

but nothing is really there.

I have no concept of time,

or even words I have said.

I don’t recognize my children,

which makes me full of dread.

Even worse people don’t understand,

the pure confusion I feel.

I know that I am me,

but “ME” at times seems surreal.

I shout instead of talking,

but my volume is at loud.

I used to be respected,

eloquent and even proud.

Each day I seem to worsen,

falling further than in reach.

I am losing my lifeline,

as quickly I reach the deep.


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