Black is Positive

Words and indeed colours can conjure up very powerful images in the mind. This original and contemporary poem called "Black is Positive" by London poet, Elle Smith tackles the negativity often falsely associated with the colour black:


Black is Positive


I was targeted.

Yeah - that’s not great.

Why one word,

can conjure such hate.


I decided to dispel,

some terms that they use,

which in actual fact,

make people act so cruel.


I often hear them say,

white lies are good.

to me it’s just acting,

like you come from the hood.


I guess I do conjure magic,

as I’m full of delight.

You use me to gain tranquility,

gently soothing you at night.


All widows wear black,

as another they mourn.

It does not mean an instinct,

for killing is their call.


I did see a black sheep,

but it was not unique.

Yet you single me out,

making out I’m a freak.


Compromised and wry,

you did something wrong.

They call you out publicly,

blackmail is never the song.


Black is beautiful,

I am the colour of night.

Dark, deep and mysterious,

in sexy lingerie I alight.


Next time you use,

my name in such haste.

I am worth much more,

please don’t act in bad taste.


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