Any Seat Will Do


Rosa Parks and those other civil rights activists made such huge statements in simple actions we take for granted today. London poet Elle Smith takes to verse to interpret the significance of what Rosa Parks did that day for inequality in her original poem "Any Seat Will Do":


Any Seat Will Do


You took up your seat,

to allow others to see,

there is no future for inequality.

Why should one race stand,

in front of any other,

leading without democracy?

Colour must never determine fate,

as ultimately we ALL,

belong to one, great, big race.

A seat does actually matter,

as it provides a place,

connecting us all to our earthly base.


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Elle Smith
Elle Smith

August 13, 2016

Thanks Abbot! I can see you have fully understood the sentiment and meaning in this poem. Let’s hope one day soon, that the world will embrace and celebrate our differences as this is why the human race is so amazing!

Abbott Brush
Abbott Brush

August 13, 2016

So. Where did you sit? Is there any other place but the empty seat right in front of you?! Possibly with a nice person next you to talk with. Rosa was tired from a long day of work … and just wanted to go home. Are you any different?!
Thank you Elle.

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