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For all those parents out there, who struggle to find great reading books for their children, TOPPSTA offers a simple to use website with many new, and older titles suitable for children. This site operates a membership system so parents and children provide reviews of the books that they have read. Probably the best part is the free book giveaways hosted by many children's authors. Check out the free giveaway of the Colour Us Back From Extinction colouring book by Elle Smith.

The Greatest Love Stories of all Time

Throughout time we have enjoyed inspirational love stories and this article by Elle Smith sets to the task of compiling some of the greatest love stories of all time. Prepare to enjoy and indeed appreciate some valuable lessons from these epic love affairs.


The Greatest Love Stories of all Time by Elle Smith Creative Blog

10 Foods to Inspire an Evening of Love

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Well, food has always been associated with romance but which ten foods are truly those which would inspire a magical evening of love. Foods that will equally tantalize both sexes are not always easy to imagine, but this article provides some unique suggestions:


10 Foods to inspire an Evening of Love by Elle Smith


10 Most Romantic Love Poems

We often search for hours seeking a beautiful love poem which will touch the soul and fill our heart with delight. This article by Elle Smith offers a selection of some classic, romantic pieces of such poetry:


10 most romantic love poems by Elle Smith

Why We Love to make the Human Body A Palette of Colour

There has throughout history been a fascination of humanity with colour, and this is true of all genders and ages. Indeed, the pursuit of fashion trends has created a trillion dollar business globally. The pursuit of colour is not reserved for clothing and accessories, but also for the body in varying degrees. It would appear that this is why we love to make the human body a palette of colour.


Inspired By Elle Blog Article Why We Love to make the Human Body a Palette of Colour



How to Do a Luxury Foot Massage at Home


It's not always easy or practical to visit a spa for your favourite therapies. This article teaches you how to do a luxury foot massage at home in easy steps. We are often not so kind to our feet, and forget that they literally take the strain from all of our daily activities. 


Elle Blog Article How to do a Luxury Foot Massage at Home by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle

Ten Inspirational Poems that Everyone Must Hear

Only a select few poems have however passed the test of time to become poems that are timeless, becoming enduring inspirations, indispensable and rhythmic handbooks on love, life, and the pursuit of an existence that is truly meaningful. Below we have listed 10 truly inspirational poems that everyone should hear in the lifetime: -


10 Inspirational Poems that Everyone Must Hear by Elle Smith

Poetry Book - The Way Back Home by Elle Smith


We are very happy to announce that The Way Back Home is finally due for release. This poetry book features a collection of poems by Elle Smith, offering storytelling of the journey to empowerment from many of life's struggles.


The Way Back Home by Elle Smith

Creative Art in the Age of a Few Good Men

A great article which interrogates the movie, ' A Few Good Men', to see whether some of those key phrases show the sheer goodness is disappearing from our society. Creative art is suggested as a solution, and means to escape but moreover to empower us to be better people.

 Elle Blog Creative Art in the Age of a Few Good Men by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle London

Vote for AniRapture in the Aviva Community Fund

Inspired By Elle is proud to announce that we have entered the 2017 Aviva Community Fund for 'AniRapture', which is an art exhibition we plan to host to demonstrate the impact of man on the planet and endangered animals. This art exhibition will be multi-sensory and include art paintings, dance, theatre, music and even food to make an experience which will be enchanting.

We will bring endangered animal species to life using 3D holograms, which will provide the technology aspect. However, at the core of the exhibition is the need to understand that each one of us has a part to play in the protection of the ecosystem and the animal species, with whom we share this planet.

We need your vote in support the project to make the exhibition happen!!

Aviva Community Fund Competition Entry of AniRapture about Endangered Animals and Ecosystem by Inspired By Elle London Elle Smith Artist


Robots versus Humans - Who will seize Victory?

It may seem like a robot rebellion is a bit farfetched at this moment in time, if you gauge the current technology. Still, while the walking, talking 'tin head' is still a long way off, there are many uses of robotic technology in place today. Two examples are driverless cars and prosthetic limbs. While the former threatens to take millions of jobs from the market, you could argue the latter promises to return amputees to the jobs market. But could either machine kill or injure humans? 


Blog Post Robots versus Humans who will seize victory by Elle Smith

Why Endangered Animals are Important to the Ecosystem

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There is no doubt that all the structures on this planet connect and interact with each other to maintain a subtle balance and order. Although many scientists do consider this paramount, equally many people within our populations fail to consider why endangered animals are important to the ecosystem. 

It іѕ lіkеlу аn ecosystem with multiple species іѕ more ѕtаblе thаn one that has lost several species, particularly keystone species which are pillars of the whole ecosystem.


Elle Blog Why Endangered Animals are important to the Ecosystem by Elle Smith