Love Poem wins in US Poetry Contest

Well, it is so brilliant to receive the affirmation that your words resonate; so when I opened the e-mail, I could not believe my eyes. My love poem, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, was awarded the first place in the category!

Elle Smith of Inspired By Elle wins First Place in Poetry Contest for Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

The Inequality of Love

Love is a complicated and special emotion which many of us find difficult to really understand. While the majority people tend to believe that it is something that revolves around the heart, the truth is that love actually happens in your brain. The creativity displayed by poets, painters, and artists, all epitomize the human heart as the symbol of love, although it’s actually the brain that is responsible for generating chemical signals that trigger love. This article discusses why there can be such variations in those feelings of love.


The Inequality of Love by Elle Blog Inspired By Elle Creative Blog Elle Smith

What is the History of Colouring Books

Today, unlike the past, colouring books are not just about politics for they appeal to a broader audience. They are much more going by the growing number of adults who are turning to them for different uses. Yes, colouring books can be relaxing, calming, therapeutic, problem-solving, and educational.


What is the History of Colouring Books by Elle Smith

Key Information about Transhumanism

Science and technology have taken huge leaps forward in recent years, with humanity sadly lagging behind in even our perception of the sci-fi world seemingly being created around us. Transhumanism, and singualrity are perhaps terms most of us have no perception of, however given advances in genetic, robotics and artificial intelligence maybe speedy remedy to this lack of knowledge is required. This article provide key information about transhumanism.


Key Information About Transhumanism Elle Blog by Elle Smith


TOPPSTA Free Book Giveaway of Colouring Book

Toppsta Website


For all those parents out there, who struggle to find great reading books for their children, TOPPSTA offers a simple to use website with many new, and older titles suitable for children. This site operates a membership system so parents and children provide reviews of the books that they have read. Probably the best part is the free book giveaways hosted by many children's authors. Check out the free giveaway of the Colour Us Back From Extinction colouring book by Elle Smith.

The Greatest Love Stories of all Time

Throughout time we have enjoyed inspirational love stories and this article by Elle Smith sets to the task of compiling some of the greatest love stories of all time. Prepare to enjoy and indeed appreciate some valuable lessons from these epic love affairs.


The Greatest Love Stories of all Time by Elle Smith Creative Blog

10 Foods to Inspire an Evening of Love

Well, food has always been associated with romance but which ten foods are truly those which would inspire a magical evening of love. Foods that will equally tantalize both sexes are not always easy to imagine, but this article provides some unique suggestions:


10 Foods to inspire an Evening of Love by Elle Smith


10 Most Romantic Love Poems

We often search for hours seeking a beautiful love poem which will touch the soul and fill our heart with delight. This article by Elle Smith offers a selection of some classic, romantic pieces of such poetry:


10 most romantic love poems by Elle Smith

Why We Love to make the Human Body A Palette of Colour

There has throughout history been a fascination of humanity with colour, and this is true of all genders and ages. Indeed, the pursuit of fashion trends has created a trillion dollar business globally. The pursuit of colour is not reserved for clothing and accessories, but also for the body in varying degrees. It would appear that this is why we love to make the human body a palette of colour.


Inspired By Elle Blog Article Why We Love to make the Human Body a Palette of Colour



How to Do a Luxury Foot Massage at Home

It's not always easy or practical to visit a spa for your favourite therapies. This article teaches you how to do a luxury foot massage at home in easy steps. We are often not so kind to our feet, and forget that they literally take the strain from all of our daily activities. 


Elle Blog Article How to do a Luxury Foot Massage at Home by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle

Ten Inspirational Poems that Everyone Must Hear

Only a select few poems have however passed the test of time to become poems that are timeless, becoming enduring inspirations, indispensable and rhythmic handbooks on love, life, and the pursuit of an existence that is truly meaningful. Below we have listed 10 truly inspirational poems that everyone should hear in the lifetime: -


10 Inspirational Poems that Everyone Must Hear by Elle Smith

Poetry Book - The Way Back Home by Elle Smith

We are very happy to announce that The Way Back Home is finally due for release. This poetry book features a collection of poems by Elle Smith, offering storytelling of the journey to empowerment from many of life's struggles.


The Way Back Home by Elle Smith