10 Most Romantic Love Poems

10 Most Romantic Love Poems


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Getting our hands on some of the greatest pieces of poetry ever written is something we all strive for. We endlessly search through books, magazines and other types of media hoping to find a unique love poem that our heart appreciates as being truly great, something is not likely to ever be matched during our lifetime. The following ten are such romantic love poems.


  1. She Walks In Beauty
Penned by Lord Byron (1788-1824), this is rated by some as one of the most romantic poems to be found in English literature. The words used by Byron are beautiful in a hauntingly way. The woman’s elegance, charm and the simple imagery used in this poem make it timeless. It comes as no big surprise that many inspirational lines penned by Lord Byron have found their way into countless wedding proposals and speeches.


  1. Annabel Lee
In this poem, Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) displays his amazing talent when it comes to language sounds manipulation. After “The Raven”, Annabel Lee is perhaps Poe’s best-known poem. This is a sweet package of auditory effects combined with a delightful blend of anapests and iambs, assonances, internal rhymes, and repetitions. The tragic story itself is a favourite of Poe, detailing the tragic death of a beautiful girl following her separation from her lover by her own “high-born kinsman.”


  1. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18
This is also titled “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Sonnet 18 is probably among the most-loved of the 154 sonnets written by Shakespeare. In the poem, someone is addressing his lover and goes ahead to compare her to a lovely bright summer day. The most touching is when he ultimately points out that in fact, his beloved is not just fairer but more everlasting compared to the short summer’s day, beautiful as that day may turn out to be. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 has become a permanent and inspirational fixture in a literary landscape that is ever-evolving.


  1. A Glimpse
This beautiful love poem by Walt Whitman (1819-92) contains humble and comforting words of love, not the typical earth-shattering shouts of romance. This artistic piece of poetry should probably be viewed as a more realistic portrayal of the battles being waged by a couple against the everyday noise and distractions. Despite its brevity the poem radiates a level of sincerity you would see in a compilation of several sonnets. Not in a typical single poem.
  1. That I Did Always Love 
The beautiful thing about this ode by Emily Dickinson lies in its straightforwardness and rawness. Emily has been described by critics as one the world’s finest poets. Through this artistic piece of poetry, the persona is proving to her lover that her love has always been steadfast. Effectively, she is telling her beloved that love is what gives meaning to life. Should he in any way doubt her love towards him, she would then feel nothing but enormous suffering.


  1. Bright Star
In Bright Star, John Keats (1795-1821) is bringing into this sonnet a sensuality that is almost overwhelming. It is surprising that the initial eight lines of this poem don’t dwell on love or even about human life; Keats is inspired by and is looking at a personified star. In a unique way, the amazing blend of the broader view of the earth as viewed from the heavens with the rather intimate imagery of the lover come together to give the scene of a hint of cosmic significance.
  1. Meeting At Night
This inspirational poem by Robert Browning describes love, delving into the person’s journey to the abode of his lover and the excitement felt when they see each other. This beautiful poem has been ranked among those pieces of poetry that you "must read aloud" if you want to have an in-depth appreciation of what it contains.
  1. I Carry Your Heart With Me
Another dual-titled piece “I Carry it in My Heart”, was penned by E. E. Cummings (1894 – 1962) who is probably the only poet from Harvard whose words have made their way into the lyrical compositions of Bloc Party, the Indie-rock band. The ‘I Carry Your Heart With Me’ repetitive nature gives this poem a near incantatory quality.


E.E. Cummings’ moving lyricism in this poem is what makes me consider it a true classic. As a university-based poet, poetry by Cummings always remained popular among the young, probably due to the unique blend of experimental syntax and traditional romance.


  1. Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds
This is a timeless classic inspired by Shakespeare’s unique approach to love matters. Though William Shakespeare is noted more for his plays, he is also counted among the most notable sonnet writers. In total, Shakespeare wrote a sequence of sonnets numbering 154. Sonnet 116 titled “Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds” provides the reader with a definition of ideal love. It is regarded as the maestro’s finest and probably the most famous love poem, considering that Shakespeare was basically a playwright.


The speaker, in the first stanza, says that love is unchangeable. The second avers that love is fixed just like the North Star is seen or considered by sailors. The third says that love is not a “Time’s fool”, it does not change with time.


  1. A Red, Red Rose
This beautiful composition was written in 1794 by Robert Burns. Despite not actually being a poem but a song, its lyrical content and consistent appearance in literary sites makes it qualify for my top ten most romantic love poems of all time. With its unique blend of charming imagery of June’s red roses and rocks that are melting in the sun, “A Red, Red Rose” depicts the sweetness of lasting true love.



So there you have it ……..my ten most romantic love poems of all time. Romantic words captured in love poems can be timeless as they are touching. These inspired ten pieces of classic poetry will continue to touch souls for years to come. Make sure you grab yours!


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