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FREE book giveaway of our COLOUR US BACK FROM EXTINCTION colouring book

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For all those parents out there, who struggle to find great reading books for their children, TOPPSTA offers a simple to use website with many new, and older titles suitable for children.

This website is great in that the children's book are split into age categories, making easy to find age appropriate reading material for those little people, and even teenagers up to age 18 years. There are best books split into each yearly age, which are ranked from the total number of reviews to give you a clear picture of each book's popularity. For example, as at the end of May 2018, the number one ranked best book for 9 year olds, is The BFG by Roald Dahl. Well, what a superb way to identify new books for your children to read, and more importantly great books which should grab their attention, as they are tried and tested within the age group.

Readers can also select based on authors, illustrators and series. This means that if you or your child have a favourite author or series of books, then you can search for other books by that author or genre. This is ideal to find new books by a particular author, if you miss the normal publicity campaigns.

This site is full of materials utilised by parents, grandparents, teachers and even authors. It is therefore packed with up-to-date and relevant reading for your children to read by themselves, or together with a parent. The reality factor of the website is overwhelming as this site shows what other parents are reading with their children through the review system, and it is possible to follow other parents and track the reading materials of the most keen readers.

You are able to sign up to the website, and provide basic details about your child or children, to receive regular recommended reading materials too. This system is such a fantastic way to discover new and even forgotten books, as I did with Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, where the crocodile leaps out of the picture book to eat you on the last page.

It is even interesting to discover that David Walliams is now one of the top selling British children's authors having sold around 8 million books in the last 10 years. 



The reviews on this site are priceless, as they are raw and real from parents and not from paid reviewers who lack that authenticity. Parents everywhere want to know what the average, normal children feel about a book, and often the children will write the reviews themselves which is perfect to know whether your own child will enjoy the title too.

Equally, after signing up, you become a member of this community, where you can share your views on the children's books that you have read with, or even without your child. This comparison is another neat feature, as we all love to reflect and here you can see whether others shared your viewpoints on a particular read.



Probably the best part of this site is the fact that given it's popularity, authors love to offer giveaways of their books via the website for avid readers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. All you have to do is sign up on the website, and then browse the giveaways for your child's age range, then enter your details with the reason why you feel you should win the book giveaway. Often, there are multiple copies of some titles so the odds are favourable.

Great News, as this month (June 2018), I am pleased to be offering a copy of my endangered animal colouring book, called Colour Us Back From Extinction, which will go to one lucky person on the Toppsta site. Do watch this space as I will be offering other giveaways in due course, so do stay in touch to ensure that you do not miss out!



  Children's Book - Colour Us Back from Extinction - Colouring Book by Elle Smith

Colour Us Back From Extinction

ISBN: 978 - 1 - 9999 - 023 - 0 - 8

By Elle Smith


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