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Elle Blog Love Poem wins in USA Poetry Contest - Elle Smith of Inspired By Elle


Well, it is brilliant to receive the affirmation that your words resonate, so when I opened the e-mail, I could not believe my eyes. My love poem, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, was awarded the first place in the group category of "If I could travel back in time."

It is not an easy task to write an original love poem, especially one that resonates and tells it as it really is. The problem is that you must open those inner parts of you, where all those heartfelt feelings dwell, often hidden away in a vault safe from the outside world.


Background to the Poem

Love is something that means different things to different people, but not only that, as it means different things to each of us at different stages of our lives. Experience and time often reveals that what we believed was true love in our teenage years, was more infatuation rather than true love in reality. 

However, if we are lucky enough, we meet the person with whom we have a unique connection that is deep, and like no other love that we have experienced. People often refer to this significant person, as a 'soul mate'. They unwittingly and effortlessly connect with our soul on a deep level like never before. It is then when we reflect, we realise that those relationships we had before, were less meaningful than we once believed. 

The human heart instinctively seeks love throughout our life, and such is the need for this satisfaction, that we convince ourselves that we have found the one. It is after all no fun to see everyone around you paired up, or settling down. Often, the truth is far from what you imagine, and they too have succumb these feelings.

However, when you meet that person who is in tune with you, with whom conversation is effortless, with whom you share so much connection, then you are suddenly experiencing LOVE for real.


Thoughts on Soul Mates

Magical - This is the relationship type you want in life!!!

The connection you have with someone, with whom your heart, mind, soul and even body connects, is something very special. However, the chances of you meeting this once in a lifetime connection is very rare an opportunity. Many people never meet and make this connection in their lifetime, which is very sad. However, knowing that it does exist, should I hope inspire others to keep looking, as you never know what tricks your causality will employ to make this happen.

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow


I did not know you,
but you were always in my dreams.
I closed my eyes each night,
and you
winked back at me.
I could not speak to you,
as I did not have the words.
The language of love and affection
always leaves
you quite absurd.
I saw you walking,
and YOU stood out like a star.
You sparkled unlike others,
that’s how
you caught my heart.
I started to imagine,
my life entwined with yours.
Those dreams and aspirations,
were better
together than apart.
I know we will be together,
some things are meant to be.
A future with the only person,
who brought
me to my knees.
I will know the happiness,
I have sought throughout my life.
You and me together at last,
was truly worth
all the sacrifice.
today and tomorrow,
I will love you with pure delight.
Things that don’t come easy
just never
fade with time.


And Finally...

I am truly honoured and humbled to have been awarded First Place by the Voices of Lincoln in Virginia (U.S.A.) for this love poem. Sadly, I was not able to attend the competition award event, however I was there in spirit imagining how wonderful the event was going to be. Hopefully, one day I will be able to attend and meet the group in person!


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