The Snow Leopard Cub…..feeling sad :(

Why? – Well, the answer is a simple one as he knows he is endangered! ~~~ Make a difference and support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with their “Wear It Wild” campaign on 5 June 2015. You can dress up like a sophisticated cat for the day, and raise awareness and funds for endangered species […]

New Sketch

Today I sat down and sketched for a new painting. I don’t sketch the whole thing, as I merely wanted to capture the positioning and the eyes. As previously explained, I then paint the animal directly on to the canvas. I LOVE the eyes…. let’s see how this develops.

Snow Leopard Donation

It saddens me to know that such a beautiful animal is facing extinction. These animals are fierce and yet have a cuteness, which is exquisite. I was lucky enough to see these amazing creatures, hence the painting of a baby snow leopard. I hope by painting nearly extinct animals to inspire donations to their respective […]