“Blurred Lines”

This painting is about how one person sees and views the same subject matter differently to another. It does not mean that either viewpoint is less valuable than the next; but rather demonstrates that we are all individuals.
Each person has a unique outlook on life, and much can be gained from the perspective of many. You will often see how brainstorming sessions prove invaluable in business, as people can become entrenched with life, and their views skewed so they lose the innocence to view the world with simplicity.
It is now widely recognized that each person processes information differently. That is to say that the brain may think in terms of words, numbers, images or even shapes. Some people with learning difficulties struggle because they do not have the requisite memory bank to communicate what they see; however they will utilize alternative strategies to communicate.
This week we saw the first stage of a court battle, which was ironically about “Blurred Lines”. It is interesting that copyright is now challenging the very creativity that it was designed to protect.
Now let’s see how many things you can see in my painting of the same name. Please feel free to comment, as this should be great fun!

contemporary art painting oils Blurred Lines Elle Smith artist 

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