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Clothes are important in the life of human beings, given it is universally a requisite that we must wear clothes. One of the primary reasons for wearing garments is to cover one's nakedness. However, this is not the sole purpose. Putting on dresses has a crucial role to play in inducing positive feelings. It is a visual representation of your personality. People wear garments for social and functional reasons.
Your fashion style mirrors your feelings - good or bad. It is a statement of expression of how vibrant and confident you are. People have the tendency to relate and react you based on your dress sense. This in turn, has great impact on your personality and comportment. Your ability to exude confidence will rub off on your friends, relationships, colleagues and acquaintances.


Your dress style may stimulate feelings of self- confidence. Good fashion style represents what you want to be, and similarly, how you want to be treated by others. Your style choices are dictated by the situations, events and occasions you are involved in.


Your work environment calls for professional and formal style. Your social events demand another dress style. Invariably, your fashion choices will be driven by each particular situation. What is appropriate for one occasion may not be suitable for another.


Another strong driving factor is colour combination. The type of colours you choose may influence how you carry yourself in some situations. Perfecting these colour combinations can help to boost your enthusiasm, and can make you feel stronger and more in control of immediate social and work environments. Hence the popular term of "power-dressing', where an outfit can present a certain skill set or level of confidence. Clothing may also showcase your mood and the state of your mind. We naturally tend to gravitate to brighter and pastel colours in spring and summer, as we have a sense of new and fresh beginnings. Whereas the autumn and winter brings appeal to cooler, darker shades as we become more insular. 


Good fashion style will energise you to achieve your goals. You will be able to persuade people to think along the same lines as you because of the personal magnetism you exude. You will feel optimistic and ready to take on the world. The resultant 'high' will keep feelings of pessimism and discouragement at bay. You will have great adventures by interacting with important people which will tremendously improve your social networking. Good dressing style will increase your social and professional worth. Sadly, we still live in a society where people are judged by their attire, and arguably social media has caused more emphasis on the way we look. Our society is very much visual of late, with the lens pointed both inwards and outwards.




 Fashion and the Senses Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


Fabrics are meant to delight the senses.They should make you happy and add to your self-esteem. They also increase your visual perception to others positively. In different situations people will be willing to give you the recognition you deserve.


Dresses that are made from good fabrics increase your sense of wellbeing. Naturally, human beings need clothing which is designed to guard the body against harsh climatic conditions. Apart from that, good fabrics are used to promote social acceptance among peers. Good fabrics will make you look good, feel great and enhance your feelings of self-confidence.


However, there are countless types of fabrics. This is as a result of advancements and improvements in fabric technology. Textures tend to be smoother and more safe on contact with the skin, thus increasing the choices available to users. There are three basic fabric types, namely: woven fabric; knit or knitted fabric; and non- woven fabric. Examples of woven fabric are poplin fabric, denim fabric and oxford fabric. They can be used to make jackets, dress or blouses, bridal satin, stretch fabrics and blanket fabrics. Knit or knitted fabric include: fleece fabrics, French terry fabrics, lacoste fabrics and sequence fabrics. They can be used to make T- shirts, evening wear, bathing suits and coats. Non-woven fabric are used for coating substrates, wipes, filtration and medical purposes.


The most popular fabric is silk, mostly because its texture is pleasing to touch, hence people like dresses that are made of silk. One characteristic of this piece of cloth is that it is not scratchy and does not cause irritation, it is skin friendly and natural. Your choice of fabrics will depend on what you want or desire. Some of the available fabric types are: mulberry silk, lucent satin, silk impression, cotton satin and princess lace satin. The best fabrics for hot weather include: cotton, linen, rayon, silk and denim/chambray. These materials can be utilised for different fashion styles in hot weather. They will afford you comfort whilst looking elegant at the same time.


There are certain fabrics which are perfectly suited for bedding and sleepwear. Did you know that bedding and sleepwear play significant role in the quality of your sleep during the night? Yes, these fabrics help us sleep well and in the morning we feel refreshed and energised to face the challenges of the ensuing day. Linen is a luxury material preferred for making sheets and sleepwear.




The impact of Colour Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


There is no doubt that colour impacts our everyday lives. The thought of a world of solely black and white, or even 'fifty shades of grey' is somewhat depressing. It is widely recognised that our mood changes with bright colour, and one of the clearest examples is Seasonal Affective Disorder (or "SAD"), where the depressive mood triggered by lack of light and bright colour, can literally immobilise a sufferer.


It is widely recognised that certain colours can trigger emotions within the human mind and soul, a fact which fashion designers and manufacturers are well aware. Fashion clothing is delivered to the public in seasonal collections, with brighter colours used for spring and summer, as opposed to darker autumnal and winter colours for the colder months.


The human memory and recall is image-driven, and so wearing a particular bright colour out of that initial context, can stimulate those endorphins and feel good sensations. The mind can literally recognize and link a particular colour, to a good experience or event.


Certain colours can trigger very specific responses in the brain. A great example of this is red, which is widely considered to be a "power" colour, emulating strength and sexual desire. Conversely, and perhaps controversially black has duality, and can lower the mood and well as exude strength and power in different circumstances. Each human will naturally have colours to which they gravitate, and these can provide an individual happiness factor.




Boho Chic versus Luxury Swag Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


Boho chic is a style based on bohemian and hippie culture. It is instructive to know that Boho is a short form of Bohemian homeless. Chic is a borrowed word from French language. Boho chic fashion style combined with luxury swag products such as shoes, jewellery and bags will give you that feeling of confidence and strength. Personality can be buoyed by good bono chic and luxury swag. Bono chic and luxury swag products actually complement each other in stylish fashion.


Fashion as an Armour Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


The idea of military armour has given rise to "piece by piece" type of clothing. This may account primarily for the use of layering of clothing. Our clothing serves as physical, social and psychological barrier to the outside world. Clothing as a protective device covers the nakedness of man in addition to protecting man from being exposed to harsh weather. Man is protected from cold, excessive heat and insect bites. Physically, man feels protected and this provides a sense of security and wellbeing.


Clothing when used as an armour, provides humans with great shape and makes him/her look smart. They also act as buffer between man's body and accidental burns, scratches and rough surfaces. Clothes enhance our personal appearance. Psychologically, clothing serves as emotional armour during life crisis. Solace is often found in clothing, and a lot of negative thinking can be curbed by good fashion style. Happiness, contentment, optimism and bolstered morale can be induced by good clothing. Complimentary remarks from friends, relationship partners and colleagues about clothes will greatly enhance good feelings and decrease moodiness.




Going Green Elle Smith Inspired By Elle

Going green' is indeed a concept that has received much attention in recent years, as we become more aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, and the lives of those people working in its manufacture. 


We gain much satisfaction in knowing that our efforts in buying and wearing sustainable clothing. Additionally, wearing non-synthetic fabrics will also feel natural to the skin and can be recycled with no harm to the environment. Many allergy sufferers enjoy much relief in wearing clothing which is natural, thus causes them no or little adverse effect.




Can Fashion make you feel good? Clearly, it can!!


Our society expects to wear clothing, and so it is an incumbent part of our daily lives. People are emotional beings, and so what we wear does impact our emotions. Used positively with style and creative touches, we can indeed create a plethora of happy feelings, and not just for ourselves, but for those with whom we make contact too. Fashion and its trends and styles, makes this happen.


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