The Unique Creativity Between Love and Architecture

We have countless examples of the unique creativity between love and architecture around the world. This article offers perfect insights into the history that has spurred the creation of these beautiful buildings that we love to admire. The image below captures the heart of the Taj Mahal. a palace which was inspired by one of the greatest love stories of all time.


The Unique Creativity Between Love and Architecture Elle Blog

Best Carnivals - Top Three Events In The World

Well, as I am reliably informed there are only three carnivals in the world that form the list of Best Carnivals in the World. They are Rio de Janeiro, Trinidad and Tobago and finally Notting Hill in London. Thus far, I have only achieved my local one in Notting Hill; in the UK, but the other two are definitely on my Bucket List of things to do.

Best Carnivals in World Rio De Janeiro Trinidad and Tobago Notting Hill by Elle Smith