I truly believe that every day of our time on this planet should be an opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. The beauty of living in the 21st Century is that with the help of those friendly giants called GOOGLE, you can literally master any skill from the armchair in your home. Clearly, given the scenes in "The Matrix", where Trinity simply downloads a programme to be able to fly a helicopter; it is not too far in the future that we will be able to upload new skills.

Many people believe in having an active life, be it jogging in all sorts of terrains or becoming the best member of the local gym, fitness is certainly the new buzz activity. However, many still do not exercise this due diligence to the brain. Well, hello the brain needs exercise too!

Learning new things, even languages provides that exercise. Remember that saying "If you don't use it, then you lose it", well we watch our elders there is a strong suggestion that the brain does need regular, challenging exercise. The form of that exercise is learning, and it does not necessarily need to be academic. Below I am going to try to give you some interesting insights into "how to" do new skills: -



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