London creative Elle Smith discusses making a fashion statement, as fashion is an integral part of your presentation, and even if unfair others will form their first impression from the way that you dress. I was brought up with a simply motto of:

"How can you expect others to respect you, if you don't respect yourself first?"


Fashion Statement Inspirational Quote if you do not respect yourself first by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


Respect can mean many things, however here it refers to self-respect in terms of ensuring that you look respectable and in the way you want others to view you. Clothes are important, as they set the tone to your conversation with the world. This does not necessarily mean that you must wear designer labels for the sake of it, however looking at your best should be something you consider when meeting people. 

Personally, I enjoy clothes as they can inspire different versions of me. They dress my soul, enabling me to wear different masks in the world. Some will inspire confidence, whilst others ooze femininity or style. 

My dream is to design clothing inspired by my artwork and creativity. I have started with the silk bolero scarf, which is both ethical and sustainable fashion incorporating my own original conceptual artwork. This scarf is versatile as it can be worn both as a stunning scarf around the neck, or alternatively, as a bolero jacket for all seasons and events.

Click here to view my silk bolero scarf collection, which is available in two designs currently, the Bird of Paradise and Love Me Back. Both are stunning floral designs, which are set on luxury Mulberry silk. There are further designs in progress to increase the collection, so there will be scarves to suit all tastes and occasions.  

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