I love to find out new skills and ways to do things, so I will try to provide a varied mix of useful pieces of information in this section on ideas or things that I find useful to know, and which aid my creativity. Hopefully, this section will prove useful to you too!

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October 07, 2016

I’m glad I found your blog. Elle Smith should be a household name. These tips are easy to follow and practical. I found the one about having your portrait painted to be most valuable. For years that is something many people, including myself, think is only reserved for the wealthy. Clear to see that anyone can have a self portrait commissioned. Thank you Elle, for the tips!

Jim Liston
Jim Liston

October 01, 2016

I love the idea of choosing art for your home to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and finding art that you have an emotional connection to. I think that to collect art just in the hope that the artist will be famous some day and therefore the artwork will be valuable is a very shallow way to decorate your home. If you find something that you truly love then it won’t matter to you what it’s monetary value is. You have a delightful website and I plan to share it with my social media.

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