How to be a Fashion Trendsetter


A fashion trendsetter is someone who looks at fashion as an artistic form. You will need a creative eye, which is in tune with colour blends. It is vital that any potential fashion trendsetter is knowledgeable of current fashion trends, with great skills at acquiring a stylish wardrobe, capable of attracting a plethora of compliments.

Here is a list that will guide you towards being a fashion trendsetter:


Learn to be confident about clothing

Often we lack the confident to be bold and standalone in the fashion arena. However, designers and bloggers are only making their suggestions as to what we should be wearing. Every day we buy into their viewpoint of what is fashionable. Well, look at this as though you have been elevated to the team determining the next collection of a famous brand. Whatever clothing you select, be sure to make a big statement, even if that statement is seemingly simple, like wearing a certain colour, weave or pattern. 


Be cognizant of your surroundings

Fashion is all around us. You simply need to be up to speed by reading, viewing and learning about the world of new fashionable things; and this will inspire you to be a fashion trendsetter. Suddenly, you will start looking at the world as the canvas, and create, either by exploring different styles, whilst combining colourful clothing; or draw fashion sketches with your own creative ideas, or simply find them in a store. You must view fashion as an artistic phenomenon, in order to be a fashion trendsetter.


Be in touch with trends of the industry

Fashion trends fluctuate, so whilst it is important to watch trends in the fashion industry, do observe the celebrities and designers; however never copy them, rather be creative and reinvent their clothing with new ideas. This is the way in which you will start to be a fashion trendsetter.


Make good use of the internet

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it simple to follow many icons of style and even fashion bloggers. The social media platforms allow you to do searches within their platform based on tags, like:












In this way, you can get updates instantly at your fingertips. Search hashtags of popular fashion, and get amazing online style inspirations. Wanelo, and Pinterest are great social networking sites that can help you communicate with the world of fashion. Start a profile, and start saving things you like until you begin to develop a style you like that's all yours.


Read fashion magazines

Fashion magazines are one of the classic sources of materials and trends for a fashionable person. Magazines like Elle, Vogue or Marie Claire can be especially informative, where the photography of the advertisements can be as on point as the items themselves. Much information can be gleamed from these magazines, including who to watch and emerging designers in the world of fashion. Carefully examine the details in the pictures, as the aesthetic look is what counts for what is for now, and what is not? Discover the new fashion trends by paying attention to the way of clothes are carried off. This will inspire you on how you can wear your own clothes. Even if you cannot afford too many premium magazines, you can usually access them in the library, doctors or even online.


Create your own style

A fashion trendsetter is exactly that, so you don’t have to like what is common to everyone in the world of fashion. The key is to understand what is fashionable, even appreciating that fashion trends are cyclical. You will then be confident with your knowledge to make your own, bold statements in your choice of outfits.


Don’t be an extremist

Although fashion on the runway can be very over-the-top, the saying less is more does ring true. You should be appropriate and proportionate in your choices of clothes,  and getting noticed for contemporary styling, rather than temporary attention for being an extremist. Be yourself and find clothes that accentuate you, whilst making you feel beautiful, and confident. You should remember that runway fashion and everyday fashion can be pols apart. The fashion designers from the runway mostly wear everyday normal clothes just like you, so keep this in mind to select the right wardrobes for each event.

 And so..

Ultimately, a fashion trendsetter should exude beauty not only on the outside, but equally on the inside. A fashion trendsetter should have a positive attitude about clothing, this will shine through in your choices and how you wear items and outfits. Be happy and enjoy life. Fashion is truly wonderful, however brands and style are not everything as often you find great pieces in smaller shops and boutiques. Once you learn to be yourself, the task of being a fashion trendsetter will be a natural one, without need for care and consideration as you throw stylish outfits together without thought or effort. 


By:  Elle Smith


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