Silk Bolero Scarf – Bird of Paradise

Inspired By Elle

    • A versatile silk scarf that can be worn as a bolero or conventional scarf. It will dress up your outfits or casual wear with vibrant colour. Suitable for day, night and work wear in the office. Whatever the occasion you will simply stand out wearing this scarf.
    • This unique accessory is based on original floral art. The Bird of Paradise design is printed on luxury Mulberry silk, which is soft on the skin. This silk bolero scarf will complement any outfit. Definitely one to put at the top of your wish list!
    • Limited Edition
    • Based on an Original Oil Painting
    • High Quality Print
    • 100% Silk
    • Finished by Hand
    • Handmade Luxury Gift Box
    • Easy care
    • Crafted in Barcelona
    • Scarf Dimensions: 136 x 62 cm (53.5 x 24.5 inches)
    • Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk
    • Silk Type: Silk Charmeuse 16 mm
    • Hem: Machine sewn and finished by hand.
    • What is Mulberry Silk?
    • This is silk made from the cocoons of the larvae of Bombyx Mori moth silkworms, which are reared in captivity. The silkworms are fed only mulberry leaves to produce silk of the highest quality. The silk is pure white in colour and made up of individual long fibres. The process is monitored to ensure the environment is optimal for the larvae to spin rounder, thinner, smoother and more uniformly coloured threads.
    • Mulberry silk is extremely strong and durable. Of course, this silk is natural and is very luxurious. This silk is often used for dresses and lingerie. It should be noted that mulberry silk is natural and because it contains a natural protein called sericin, this reduces the chances of allergic reaction. Bugs and bacteria do not like this natural repellent.
    • What is Charmeuse Silk?
    • Basically, here this is describing the way the silk fibre is made, in fact, it is weaved in a satin weave where the warp threads cross over three or more of the backing (weft) threads. This produces a fabric with sides of two distinct finishes. The front has a smooth, lustrous and reflective shiny finish, whereas the back has a dull finish.
    • Quick hand wash with a mild liquid detergent suitable for silk
    • Do not wring or twist the silk
    • Light iron on silk temperature setting
    • Use an un-dyed sheet between ironing board and silk
    • Silk is best when ironed damp after washing
    • Always iron on the non-shiny back of fabric

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