How to get to Chocolate Heaven on International Chocolate Day?

Today is International Chocolate Day and I could not resist but publish my Elle Smith recipe for Chocolate and Pistachio Roulade, which just happens to be one of my favourites. Needless to say this will definitely take you to 'Chocolate Heaven'.

Why is International Chocolate Day celebrated?

This is an American celebration day which remembers the birthday of Milton Snavely Hershey (13 September 1857 to 13 October 1945), who was of course the American confectioner, famous for the hershey bars, founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company and company town of Hershey, Pennsylvania (much like Bournville in Birmingham, United Kingdom).

Combination of Unique Flavours in Cooking

Most of us know that there are certain regions where the cooking expertise is second to none. The creativity in the recipes is often amazing, often combining lesser used ingredients to inspire dishes which are heaven sent. Personally, I think Aix en Provence is one of those regions. The food teases the palette with so many brilliant combinations of flavours and truly delicate dishes.

A few years back I was lucky enough to live in Provence for a period, and can honestly say that there were no dishes that I did not enjoy. I often remark that the fruit and vegetables tasted like they oozed with sunshine, such was their flavour.

This region is particularly renowned for the cuisine, but one of my lasting memories is how the chefs combine very unique and unusual flavours and ingredients together. Much time is then spent creating the most delicately perfected dishes and desserts, which one can only describe as melting on the palette.

The French do it so well with Patisserie

I loved to visit the marketplaces and delicatessens but my absolute favourite was the patisserie shops. The French must surely win the gold award in terms of desserts and cakes, with detail and taste. One day I purchased a gateau which was stunning as it had layers of pistachio green and Mississippi mud pie chocolate coloured mousse with wafer thin layers of cake in between. Topped with fresh glacé fruits on a gel glaze. This dessert was stunning to look at, and even more delicious to eat. The best part was the combination created a light dessert, which was not filling and before too long the whole cake was gone.

Elle Smith inspired Chocolate Dessert

I created this recipe for my own Chocolate and Pistachio Roulade as this cake inspired me to create a dessert with my favourite ingredients.

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