BREXIT - Truly shows no man is an island!

Well, around the world the shock waves from the United Kingdom voting to exit the European Union will still be resonating for some time yet. The world's fifth largest economy was negatively rated within a few days.......but WHY did the people vote this way?

Many people used their vote to protest against corruption, inequality and their inability to effect change. It was clear that many did not even fully appreciate or consider the consequence of their vote; however arguably the politicians should have set out the facts in plain English without any alarmist tactics. 

It should be noted that the decision was not a unanimous one with 51.9% versus 48.1%, however it demonstrates a number of things. Firstly, it shows a division which runs very deep, even whole families are split in their viewpoints and vision. It revealed some concerning views within the nation, likely to cause even more division and isolation; but overriding all of this that there is an overriding need.

This may be controversial but I feel that it shows a need for unity, not just amongst its citizens, but its European counterparts and the world at large. Certainly, in times of turmoil, it usually is best to have "friends" around you to support you, and not be isolated and alone facing whatever is around the corner!

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