Who Will You Be Missing This Christmas?

Who Will You Be Missing This Christmas?


Recently, I watched a movie in which the question was raised about what the real meaning of Christmas is. Even I struggled until I was reminded that the first gift of christmas was “a child”.

Society is experiencing somewhat of a meltdown, where human beings seem lost and without purpose. Therefore they are attracted like opposing poles of a magnet to whatever forces are placed in their paths, from commercialism to addiction to social media. Lives are seemingly organised around one event to another; with a yearning to find new events to fill the void that we have created for ourselves and within ourselves. Halloween and Black Friday never used to be recognised in the United Kingdom, now they are major calendar events.

These constant distractions mean that we lose focus on the important things. Constantly you hear people saying they need to book you into their schedule, and realise that they do not run a global company or have complex jobs. The thought of what the heads of industry calendars must be like, does not bear thinking about, as their time management must be very stressful.

Christmas is probably the only remaining time of year when people are forced to STOP, get off the treadmill and take downtime with family and friends for a few days. People generally feel positive as they know they have earned this downtime. Few remember the religious ideology of the birth of Jesus; however they do value the importance of giving, forgiving and loving in an unconditional way. Most people gather together for reunions with family and friends, and reunite even if temporarily during the holidays.

It is also recognised that Christmas is one of the times of year where people feel lonely, as they forced to face the reality of their lives. Happiness is mixed with sadness as often people are missing through bereavement, other commitments or simply because they are no longer in your life. Some families are logistically apart due to work commitments, life changes or marriage breakdown so it is particular hard to be without key family members at this time of the year.

We now have so many forms of technology to make it possible to make contact over the holidays, that even where you cannot be together, social media and technology allows for virtual gatherings. Even long distance calls are possible at low or no cost, making the world a much smaller place for contact.

Despite all of this as human beings we do feel loss and sadness, so we will miss those dear to us particularly at Christmas. However, we can use creative ways to express our love and gratitude for those whom we miss.

You may create artistic cards and send it to them. Try to write inspirational thoughts that will uplift their spirit and will make them feel the essence of Christmas season. You can also use technology in making innovative or live greetings with that will give them the sensation that you are close to each other. A live video call is also a good option for familes who are apart as this will surely ease the feeling of longing to be together.

Summing up, if there are people that you miss this Christmas season and you have the opportunity to ease that longing, and then do it. Spread the love for this season!

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