Creativity is not just reserved for an art canvas - Be Creative in the Kitchen!!

Of course, many people believe that art is reserved for drawing, painting and possibly design. Well, this Sunday morning, I am blasting that theory away as I reveal that creativity extends to every part of a person's being. Personally, I believe that there is even a place for creativity in the kitchen.

It may be in terms of creating new dishes, or about the beautiful palette of foods that you place before your guests. 

Please click below to access my recipe creation for a WONDERFUL salad, or even starter which is guaranteed to impress. This dish is simple to prepare, colourful and paints a whole new chapter in exciting the taste buds. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do, and please keep an eye on my 'Elle Loves' section where I will regularly be displaying new ideas, recipes and self-help guides.

Click here to access the recipe.

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