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Why animal art is GREAT for the home?

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Animals form a link between man and the planet that we occupy. Many households visit the zoo to gain that connection with the animals in their environment, others opt for pet ownership. Some of those pet choices in themselves can be quite unique and out there. Yet we do seem to yearn to be near to animals.

Some find companionship with animals, and are afforded a "loyal friend" for walks in the park or countryside; where accompanied by an animal there is no disturbance of the silence through speech. Animals exhibit emotion in a dignified way, which is very interesting to observe.

Paintings of animals can be interesting, expressive and timeless, especially endangered animals where your artwork keeps a species alive. What better reason could there be to invest in artwork depicting endangered animals!!!

Read my article about animal art here.

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September 29, 2016

I definitely feel that people and animals have a special purpose in each other’s life. Animals help us in so many ways. I enjoy going to see animals in their natural habitats but I’ve always had a pet as well. I grew up with dogs but I have a cat now and I love him so much. He really keeps me at peace.

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